With the latest update to the mobile application, we at Electromaps have improved some features and added new features to improve the charging of all electric car drivers to the next level.

One of the most notable new features is the Check-In option for charge stations, a feature that allows you to control the kWh charged at the charge points and to retrieve data about consumption, time, etc. On the other hand, you can notify other users that the charge point will be busy for x minutes. With the Check-In, it is possible in parallel to communicate with users waiting at the same location for the end of the charging process.

Electromaps Check-In

The function "Checkin" originated from the practice. Imagine you have to charge and you don't know if the point is occupied and if it is so how long it will be. With the new Check-In function this problem is solved since we now know in advance if and how long a checked-in charging point will be occupied. In addition, we can send a message to the user who occupies it so that he'll know you are waiting and he may decide to stop the charging sooner than expected.

The user simply presses the Check-In button next to the information for each connector at the app. You can then specify whether the point works and enter the estimated charging time so that all other users will know how long you're plannig to stay. When charging is complete, click the "Check out" button, enter the approximate number of kWh charged, and you're welcome to give stars according to the charging experience plus comments if you want.

Just few months after the implementation of this new "Check-In" feature, we counted over 15,000 check-ins with an average fo 15.4 kWh per charge.
The Electromaps team would like to encourage you to use the 'Checkin' tool every time you're charging, regardless of whether or not you were able to top up. This information will also be useful to you the next time.

Download the following card to inform other electric car drivers that you can be contacted.