Get more out of your chargers with our software solutions

Great chargers are the first step of building an attractive charging infrastructure. But without software to optimise their usage, you are missing an opportunity to maximise your investment.
Discover the comprehensive software solutions that the Wallbox Group has developed.

Empower your EV charging infrastructure with our comprehensive software solutions


Make your chargers available to millions of EV drivers and build your own tariffs to monetise them.

Maximum uptime

Maximise your charge points’ uptime thanks to real-time monitoring and remote diagnostics capabilities.

Costs savings

Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership with our smart features: Power Boost, Dynamic Power Sharing…

EV fleet management

Monitor charging activities in real-time (home, office & public), and give your users the freedom to charge anywhere and set up reimbursement policies.

Flexibility & scalability

Manage your Wallbox chargers as well as any OCPP-ready charger.


Manage a network of publicly available charge points. Compatible with any OCPP-ready chargers.


Manage a private network of Wallbox chargers. Distribute your building’s free power between the connected EVs in real time.

A complete solution to manage your charge points and your EV fleet

Our new generation management platform simplifies your daily life. A complete platform with an intuitive and pleasant interface. Setting up and managing charge points has never been easier.

Integrated payment management

You can bill EV drivers directly through their mobile phone, with the tariff that you define.


We promote your recharge points and attract new customers to your locations.

Automatic billing

We bill users directly for you and, at the end of each month, we transfer the generated revenues to your bank account.

Customer Support

We offer back-office support and customer service 24/7. You are always in safe hands.

Connect. Publish. Monetize.

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A competitive solution to manage a private network of Wallbox chargers

A competitive turnkey solution

myWallbox is the charging platform that allows full control over Wallbox chargers and enables you to get the most out of them.

Users & chargers management

Organise charging permissions by groups and locations.

Real-time status & statistics

Check charging metrics and chargers’ status online.

Automated payments

Easily automate revenue generation through EV charging.

Dynamic Power Sharing

Distribute your building’s free power between the connected EVs in real time.

We take pride in creating great customer satisfaction

Across various types of industries, we have accumulated references from happy customers and partners. Reach out if you want to hear more about some of our cases and projects.

Electromaps: driving traffic to your charge points

With more than 500.000 app users, and thousands of daily visitors on our website, we do our best to make your charge points visible to EV drivers. And through our roaming agreements, we ensure that they are also visible on other EV charging apps.

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