Offers the most unique and exclusive adventures in the Costa Rica, always striving to create the newest and most innovative tours in the country, while following two company rules: 1) Be Safe and 2) Have Serious Fun!
Plus they are the direct operators of our own services.
- Pioneers of Rafting in the Northern Zone
- Gravity Falls, Waterfall Jumping – considered Costa Rica’s most extreme tour!
- Lost Canyon Adventures Canyoning
- Single Track Madness – Mountain biking is one of the most sought after activities in Costa Rica and exclusive and intense mountain bike route near the Arenal Volcano just for you!.
- Adventure Connection Tour & Transfers
- The only tour outfitter in the area offering Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Kayak Fishing and Single Track Madness Mountain Biking
- Team building and Corporate Events


Tomacorriente 120V, traer cargador portátil del vehículo eléctrico

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2020-02-14 14:12:43

Ruta Eléctrica La Fortuna