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2 x 25kW Delta DCFC
1 x Sun Country Level 2
One vehicle at a time per station

Charging stations are currently free and do not require a network membership to use.

Please refer to owners documentation/manual for approved charging unit manufacturers prior to using this charging station.

Please be advised: we have had reported issues between Mitsubishi Outlanders and the Delta CHAdeMO connectors and are investigating with both manufacturers. In the interim, it is suggested that Outlanders use the Level 2 station.
To use:

1. Ensure no error messages are displayed on the 25 kW units. Error code 00400a is from the Emergency Stop Button being pressed. Please reset the button (turn red knob on side of charging station) and you should be able to use the station. To reset the language, press the button on the right (blue) to scroll through language options. Please do not press the button unless it is an emergency.

2. Choose the correct connector and plug your vehicle in.

3. Vehicle should now be charging. Stations are free and no network membership (card, etc.) is required.

4. To stop your charging session, press the stop button per screen instructions (left button). Disconnect your vehicle.

If other vehicles are waiting, please limit your charging to 40 minutes or 80%, whichever comes first.

DCFCs are 25 kW as only single phase power is available at this location (50 kW+ requires three phase power).

Charging stations are provided by the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. For comments or questions please email us:

Maintenance of the charging stations at this location is currently provided by Westcana Electric Inc:
1-866-349-4555 (24 hours)

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