The chargers are at the Western end of the parking lot.


MidAmerican Engergy project, Accessible using a Greenlots or EV Connect phone app. - The fastest way to pay is by using the Greenlots mobile app, which is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or scan the QR code on each charging terminal to download it. You can also pay at the plug using a credit or debit card, or a Greenlots RFID payment card. Greenlots RFID cards are available through the Greenlots app, online at, or by calling the 24/7 Greenlots customer care team at 855-900-7584. You can also call Greenlots to remotely authorize a charging session using a payment card. For more information about Greenlots RFID cards and driver accounts, go to See more at:

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