Chargers located at the Southwestern corner of the parking lot, on the North side of Baillie House, Visitor's Center.


BC Hydro dual-standard fast charger (one vehicle at a time) located a short drive from Highway 1 -- enter parking lot from either Merritt Ave or Mamette Ave.

Charging is free and can be activated using the BC Hydro EV App/RFID Card, FLO App/RFID Card, or by calling 1 866 338 3369 to have the charge initiated remotely.

Download our app by searching BC Hydro EV in Apple Store or Google Play.

More info on BC Hydro EV app at

If someone is waiting, please limit your charge to 40 minutes or 80%, whichever comes first

Also available: 1 x Sun Country 16 kW charger (CS-90 providing 240V @ 69A).

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