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profile-image swapper_es
2022-07-23 18:00:46

A la primera no me funcionaba, he tenido que probarlo dos veces

profile-image henkj
2022-06-14 19:43:19

*edit to my previous comment (from my experience last week). Today the supermarket parking lot gate has been fixed. So it's now you need to validate your parking entrance ticket in the store with the cashier after shopping groceries.

profile-image henkj
2022-06-13 22:29:55

3 car spots at a speed of 7.4kw/h, just plug in your car, no app necessary. This supermarket parking lot is gated. Free 1h parking policy or 2 hours if you purchase more than 18 euros. However the exit barrier is broken so both gates are open constantly, thus no parking monitoring. I charged my car for many hours, I checked every hour and no other electric cars there. It was quiet, easy and free