Punto de recarga Quinta Do Fontelo

Unnamed Road, 3670, Portugal

Introducido por: Fer - El 10-05-2017 a las 20:30

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    luiscavaco El 14-07-2017 a las 19:26

    Travelling from Switzerland to Porto, we saw this Tesla Destination location and were positively surprised to discover what appears to be a very peacefully location, where we coud add some KM to our Tesla.So we decided to stop-by today around lunch time.There is one interphone near the domain closed gate. They answer the interphone and I explain that we would like to have the possibility to get to know this location, eventually grab something for lunch while getting some energy to our Tesla.They did not open the door, and explained that charging was only for people that pay and stay the night.Not even they had the courtesy of inquiring if we were running out of power, nor offer further help to us.Personally, I think this is a very narrow-minded people and commercial point of view.In the future, and we do visit this region every year, I will try not to be on their client list. For sure there are other very nice Tesla Destination chargers in the region, and I would rather welcome open minded and friendly people running win-win businesses with positive attitudes.Pass your way...


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    pedershk El 25-06-2017 a las 11:21

    There are two Tesla destination chargers. Both are 14kw, not 22kw. (20A 3-phase).