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2 x 50kW DCFC
1 x Sun Country Level 2
One vehicle at a time per station

Please refer to owners documentation/manual for approved charging unit manufacturers prior to using this charging station.

To use:
1. Follow instructions on the screen.
2. Stations are free and no network membership (card, etc.) is required.

If other vehicles are waiting, please limit your charging to 40 minutes or 80%, whichever comes first.

Charging stations are provided by the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. For general comments or inquiries please contact us:
778-974-5469 or

To report damage or equipment malfunction at this location, please contact:
Cobra Electric (South Coast) Ltd
604-582-1633 or 1-844-815-6125 (24 hours)

These stations are in place to enhance reliability of EV travel along the mountainous Highway 3 corridor, subject to adverse winter weather conditions. The intent is to improve travel confidence for short-range EVs and to provide additional charging options to the DCFCs in Hope and Manning Park. The rest area will now be open year-round. Please use and enjoy!

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