The charges will be defined according to the number of days spent in the parking place.
1. Start parking with the PARKL app
2. After you park your car to a free place, check in at the reception of the VIP parkoló.
3. Indicate if you would like to have your car washed or your luggage wrapped.
4. The transfer bus of VIP parking will take you to the airport.
5. After you arrive back and take over your luggages, call the VIP Parkoló: +36303716903
6. After you get back to the parking place, you can leave through the gate by pushing Stop parking button in the app


Download the PARKL app to use the EV charger! Open the barrier with one click, then pay for your parking safely and without cash. Parkl app’s innovative and easy-to-use electric charging function is designed for all the conscious drivers, whose comfort is as important as their environment. Search for the closest Parkl electric charging point on the application’s map and manage the whole process – from the start of charging to the cashless payment – on your phone!

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