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We create the most seamless, reliable and pleasant public charging experience for EV drivers in order to contribute to the acceleration of the transition to Electric Vehicles.


We provide leading-edge smart charging services for EV drivers and Charge Point Operators alike, be they companies, municipalities or utilities. Our vision is a clean, carbon-free future with silent EVs driving emission-free down the street, and our passion, as an industry forerunner, is to fulfill that future.
We have a deep understanding of EVs and the challenges that lie ahead. To anticipate and respond to the market’s needs, we continuously listen to our fast-growing community and strive to create a culture of innovation and creativity.
The Future is Electric.
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Our timeline

Electromaps was created by founders Xavier Cañadell and Jordi Rodriguez in Barcelona, inspired by the rise of maps that help drivers find gas stations.
We launched the first mobile application that allows user to show the information of our map on their devices.
We started to connect charging stations to real time through roaming platforms and allow our users to activate and pay for their charging sessions
We closed our first investment with Rafael de Mestre, an European referent of electric mobility. That’s allowed us to open new markets and grow in several countries
We launched our backend system to manage chargers from different manufactures. Our Manager allows the owners of the chargers to share their infrastructure with all electromaps users.
Acquisition by Wallbox, beginning of a new era
Introduction of the new app with an improved user experience and a new payment system. Marks the introduction of the new brand identity.

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