Attract new customers with the complete charging station solution

The number of electric vehicles (EVs) is exploding. When EV drivers are looking for a hotel, they prefer one where they can charge. Take advantage of this new business opportunity - with a turnkey solution tailored to your needs.

A new business opportunity for your hotel

Attract more customers, especially those in the upper classes, who drive electric vehicles
Enhance the reputation of your establishment; sustainability aspects are an increasingly important selection criterion
Generate more reviews on major tourism platforms such as TripAdvisor and
Generate additional revenue. You define the rates for charging sessions

A turnkey and competitive solution

The integrated package includes compact and durable Wallbox chargers, the monitoring platform, the installation of the solution in your car park as well as after-sales and customer support.
The revenues generated are transferred to your bank account at the end of each month, along with a detailed report of all charging sessions.
Two options for financing
You take over the financing of the solution, and you receive the full revenue generated by the charging sessions in your car park.
Or, we take over the financing of the solution*, and you receive a percentage of the revenue generated by the charging sessions in your car park.

Our team is here for you

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Manuel Rey, General Manager
“For us, it is key that the operational management of the charging points is simple and does not complicate our work. In this sense, Electromaps perfectly meets this requirement, operating completely self-sufficiently and generating few or no problems. I also really like the management platform, since it perfectly breaks down the data and analysis of consumption, recharges, savings in CO2 emissions, etc.”
Découvrez le projet d’installation de bornes de recharge du Vichy Catalan.
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Give away free charging tokens to your guests

Contactless payment, elegant. Thanks to our Electropass, a key fob with an RFID chip, your guests can activate a charging session with a single gesture.
As a customer of our monitoring platform, we offer you free Electromaps passes, worth €15 each. You can give them as a welcome gift to your guests who drive an EV. They will be able to use it in your car park and on thousands of charging points in France and all over Europe.

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