Referents on electric mobility since 2009

Electromaps is an electric mobility service provider based in Barcelona. Since 2009 we help EV drivers to find all available charging stations, both free and payment required, and facilitate the access and payment directly from our App.

Our mission, Borderless charging, aims to unify the entire charging infrastructure and improve EV user’s experience. Electromaps is a collaborative platform, every individual contribution is key to help EV drivers with the most up to date information.

The charging stations information sources we show in the map comes mainly:

  • Contributions from EV drivers
  • Contributions from charging stations owners
  • Agreements with roaming platforms
  • Agreements with CPOs

We have develop a charging management SaaS targeting private companies, real estate and public sector. By publishing your charging stations in real time in Electromaps we increase your bookings and promote your site. As a company committed with a sustainable future, we participate in several national and international research programs to improve electric mobility and increase the use of renewable energies.

Contact us at if you want to participate in the electric revolution, if you have any questions regarding charging stations or if you want to add information about charging station.

Borderless charging

Where we are?

Barcelona (Spain)

The Ciudad Condal is one of the cities that most bet on sustainable mobility and therefore has become one of the references in Europe. At Electromaps we want to be part of this change and that is why our headquarters is located in Barcelona.

Bucharest (Romany)

The capital of Romania is one of the cities with more history in Europe and does not for that reason renounce the change in mobility. Since 2016, thanks to our union with Chargelocator, we have a strategic location there that allows us to have a closer contact with the countries of the North of the continent.