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surtidos puntos Charging Management Software

Manage all types of facilities

We advise you on your electric mobility project according to your needs. We adapt to your project.










surtidos puntos Main platform features

Hardware interoperability

All charging stations based on the OCPP protocol are compatible

Automatic billing

We bill users directly. At the end of the month, we trasnfer the genereated revenue into your bank account.

Integrated payment management

Directly charge EV drivers through the mobile phone with the pricing rate you choose

Remote control

Control of charging stations remotely, charging control , energy metering, billing and alerts in real time

Customer Support

We offer Back-office support and customer service 24/7

Reports and statistics

Report configuration and most important KPI analysis directly from the platform

Mobile access

Users access and pay for the recharge service directly from their mobile phone


We promote your recharge points and attract new customers to your establishment

Access control

Decide who can access your charging stations and set different ratess

usuarios Integrate your charge stations in Electromaps

Increase visibility and occupancy of your charge stations. Take advantage of all the advantages that Electromaps has for the owners of recharging points

  • All electric vehicle users can find the location of your recharging points. Visitors will increase in your establishment and in the associated stores.
  • You will increase your income by increasing the number of visits.
  • Your recharge points will appear in the browsers of the cars.
  • We pay you for the recharges made by our users automatically. You do not have to worry about anything without defaults.
  • Simplify the usability of charging points. Drivers will not need to sign contracts and have cards from all providers.

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usuarios We help you develop your electric mobility project, around the world.

Are you thinking of moving your vehicle fleet to electric?
Do you want to operate to optimize costs in the installation of the charging infrastructure?

Design of the project

Construction management


Instalation and maintenance

Improvement of electrical supply

Optimal charge

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surtidos puntos Do you need an installer?

We are specialists in management for all types of electric vehicle charging stations.

We have an extensive network of installers to help you with the installation and maintenance of your charging station.

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