Liste des stations de charge pour véhicules électriques à Inde.

Trouvez le borne de recharge le plus proche pour votre voiture électrique à Inde

27 stations de recharge pour voitures électriques - Inde


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De nombreuses bornes de recharge nécessitent un pass pour être activées. Notre pass d'accès vous permet de charger votre véhicule électrique sur un maximum de bornes de recharge.


The map only shows the charging points of this location, if you want to see all of them and move freely, use our webapp
If you're an EV driver looking for EV chargers in Inde, you're in the right place. Electromaps database contains 27 charging stations available throughout the country, making it easier for drivers to power their vehicles on the go. Unknown city (temporary) is the city with more charging stations in Inde.
And Mysuru is the place with less. 
The latest charge point added to our database of Inde was: The Quorum Mysuru in Mysuru (21/10/2023).

We also provide a mobile app version for Apple iOS (iPhone) and Android devices which can provide more specific details about each charger for free. Our app provides better real time information. Depending on your needs, sometimes our app can be helpful to find charging points in Inde.

Overall, finding EV chargers in Inde has become much easier in recent years, thanks to the growth of charging infrastructure and the availability of tools and resources like Electromaps to help drivers locate charging points.