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Electromaps' Electric Adventures: A 600 km Journey Full of Obstacles

Discover the electric adventures of Electromaps on a 600 km journey full of obstacles. An enriching experience and tips not to be missed!

Benjamin Vindry
Apr 25, 2024
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Electric Experience: Navigating a 600 km Journey in an Electric Vehicle

Imagine a scenic drive through Spain, the wind gently caressing your face, and the gentle purr of an electric car beneath your feet. It sounded like the start of a perfect adventure. However, for Fiorella, our heroic operations manager here at Electromaps who decided to attempt the long journey in an electric vehicle for the first time, this leisurely ride turned into a series of unexpected events, marking her 600-kilometer journey from Barcelona to San Sebastian. Let us tell you her story and the valuable lessons she learned from this electrifying adventure.

Precise planning: the key to success

The first crucial step on this trip was careful planning. With a theoretical range of 220 kilometers on their Nissan Leaf, Fiorella knew they would have to stop at least four times to recharge. Using the Electromaps app, they mapped out their route, carefully selecting fast charging points along the way. This meticulous preparation should have enabled them to make the journey smoothly and arrive at their destination in 8h-9h, but… not everything went according to plan!

Ups and downs: Challenges encountered

Their electric journey didn't go quite as planned. At the very first stop, a malfunctioning charging station appeared, stubbornly refusing to recognize their vehicle due to an error on the terminal. After half an hour's investigation, they had to give up and turn to another station, only a few kilometers away. Fortunately, this one was operational, allowing them to recharge quickly and get back on the road.

Their second stop wasn't without surprises either. While they had carefully checked the availability of the charging stations on the Electromaps app a few days before departure, they were confronted with screens that had gone blank and charging stations that were impossible to use at that moment. Despite efforts to communicate with the persons working at the charging station, they had no immediate solution, as they had already been waiting for the charging stations to be repaired by the company that owned them for 2 days. It was at this point that they realized the crucial importance of having a backup plan in case of unforeseen events.


Their patience was put to the test a bit further when they had to face the rain in addition to the search for a new charging point nearby as the battery was too low to go to the next scheduled stop—with charging times already stretched and miles to go, every minute of delay seemed an extra challenge. Nevertheless, they stayed the course, taking refuge in a supermarket equipped with a slow-charging station located thanks to the Electromaps app, which proved a great asset in managing all these unforeseen circumstances. It was far from ideal, but it gave them enough charge to continue to the next fast-charging station.

Fortunately, the rest of the journey went smoothly overall, although the itinerary had to be modified a bit due to previous events, and in total, not 4 but 5 stops were made.

These trials tested the patience and determination of Fiorella and her friends, but they were also a source of learning. They learned to anticipate obstacles, remain flexible in the face of the unexpected, and maintain their composure in moments of stress. And these electric challenges will leave fond memories afterwards (we hope), offering an experience rich in surprises and lessons learnt.

Flexibility and Patience: The Keys to Success

Despite these setbacks, they found alternatives, adjusted their itinerary using Electromaps, and showed patience when charging times were longer than expected. Their determination finally brought them to their destination after 14 hours and 30 minutes of sustained effort (for a journey originally estimated at 8 to 9 hours).


A return trip not free of obstacles

The return trip looked easier - returning via the same route gave them the advantage of knowing all the potential pitfalls, or so they thought. The trip was carefully planned, with planned stops and alternatives ready just in case. Yet, even with this meticulous preparation, our struggling but overwhelmingly patient operations manager had to face a new challenge:

The dreaded overheating of the vehicle. It came to be a problem towards the end of the trip when despite regular stops, the car's cooling systems showed signs of fatigue due to the outside heat and fast driving. This led to longer-than-expected charging times (1h 30min instead of 30min), delaying their progress.

Despite these last-minute difficulties, they reached their final destination in 9 hours and 30 minutes, a much better time than on the outward journey!


Lessons Learned: Valuable Tips for Electric Travelers

We've learned a lot from this experience. Here are some valuable tips for anyone planning a trip in an electric vehicle so that you avoid struggling on the road:

  • Plan your itinerary carefully, with alternatives for each stop in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Check the availability and reliability of recharging stations before you leave by selecting the station on the Electromaps app and reading the last comments about it (even if there are surprises at the last minute, it makes your itinerary more secure).
  • Adopt a flexible attitude and be ready to adjust your plan along the way.
  • Allow extra charging time to cope with possible delays.
  • Prepare some yummy snacks and plenty of drinks if you find yourself waiting at a slow charging station in the middle of nowhere.
  • Choose a vehicle with a range suited to your itinerary and weather conditions. (even if long journeys with a small electric vehicle are possible ... if you're patient!)

Conclusion: the electric adventure continues

Despite the challenges, this electric vehicle adventure was a relatively fun but tiring experience. It underscores the need for careful planning, flexibility, and patience when traveling long distances. So, whether you're a seasoned traveler or a curious novice, don't be afraid to explore the electric world. With the right advice and a positive attitude, every journey becomes a rewarding adventure. Ready, set, go!

Benjamin Vindry
Apr 25, 2024
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