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Partnering with Powy, Electromaps keeps improving charging convenience

400 Powy charging points in Italy and Spain are now directly connected to the Electromaps app, facilitating EV public charging in Southern Europe.

María Rodríguez
Sep 5, 2023
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Electromaps and Powy, one of the fastest-growing independent Charge Point Operators in Italy, are working together to keep improving electric mobility. The charging stations of the Turin-based company are now directly connected to the Electromaps app using the Open Charge Interface protocol (OCPI).

Electromaps users can locate, access, and begin a charging session at any of the 400 public charging points that Powy has set up in Italy and Spain. This agreement is another step on Electromaps’ mission to facilitate EV public charging all around Europe in general, and in Italy in particular. Before the end of this year, Powy chargers will show real-time data on Electromaps map, giving the app’s users information about the Powy charging points availability and alerts when an occupied charging station that piques their interest becomes available. Additionally, EV drivers can use Electromaps to safely and easily pay for their charges directly through the app or their RFID token and card at very competitive prices, as the roaming middlemen - the roaming platforms - have now been cut out.

puntos de carga de Powy conectados a Electromaps
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Powy is focused on enabling EV drivers to enjoy their road trips in the most environmentally friendly way possible by setting up charging stations that use 100% certified renewable energy. Powy is deploying networks of alternating and direct charging stations across Italy and abroad, from 22 kW in AC to 150 kW in DC to provide flexibility and the most suitable charging service according to each location’s characteristics. By 2030, the Italian CPO intends to have installed 15,000 charging stations in Europe with a common customer experience across countries. 

Electromaps' goal is to make EV charging easier by listing the most charging stations on its map, providing the most trustworthy information regarding connectors, and providing the best solutions for users, such as charging activations, payments, and the overall EV charging experience.

According to Electromaps CEO Maximilien Kauffmann, "We work hard to raise the density and quality of our charge points network in order to enhance the service that we provide to our users. It is a great pleasure to connect directly to Powy, a leading CPO in Italy and Spain. This will benefit all electric vehicle drivers and help to accelerate the shift to sustainable mobility in Southern Europe."

“We are excited to strengthen our ties with a major e-mobility service provider such as Electromaps, with whom we share a passion for delighting EV drivers with quality charging services. Now, Electromaps users will be able to use their preferred charging method at all Powy E-Stations - situated in a varied assortment of venue types suitable for all charging habits, in city centers and on transit routes – and we are very glad to welcome them all." comments Nicolò Brentan, Chief Growth Officer of Powy.

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Italy: a key market for Electromaps

Along with France and Spain, Italy is an important market for Electromaps. In 2023, we have grown quite dramatically in Italy, where we have multiplied by nine the number of users since December 2022. On the supply side, over 15,800 charging stations can now be found in Italy using the Electromaps app. Vai Italia!

estaciones de carga para vehículos eléctricos en Italia - Electromaps
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María Rodríguez
Sep 5, 2023
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