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The development of EV fast charging in Europe

We look at EV fast charging in Europe: market growth, types of charging points, connectivity standards, challenges, and a promising future with driving regulations.

Electromaps attended Flotauto Lyon 2023 trade fair

Electromas attended Flotauto Lyon, where fleet management professionals discussed the latest trends in the sector. Energy transition, the main player.
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Electromaps exceeds 750,000 registered users

In ten months, the Electromaps app has almost doubled its registered users by the end of 2022. This exponential growth shows the progress of electric mobility in Europe.
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Can’t charge your EV at work? Get help from Electromaps and a €100 reward

65% of EV drivers claim that they cannot charge at work. Electromaps helps EV users make it happen and get rewarded for it with €100 to use on the webshop. Discover how.
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Charging in Summer: where are the EV users from?

Spain, France and Italy are top tourist destinations. Where do EV users come from and how much do they spend on their charges?
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EVectrum, the solution chosen by the hotel Domaine de la Pommeraye

The Domaine de la Pommeraye Hotel and Spa, with the help of EVectrum, has succeeded in combining sustainable luxury and electric mobility to take the customer experience to the next level.
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