Walmart 673 Clarksville (Electrify America)

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Created at 10/08/2019 and updated at 21/08/2022
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Unnamed Road 37040
Chargers are located in the northern end of the parking lot, out front of the Lawn & Garden center.
Once your EV is plugged in, your car will tell the charger the maximum power it can accept. This will determine the power level into which you'll be placed and the associated per-minute cost for your entire session. $1 plus $0.89/min at 125kW or more, $0.58/min between 125kW and 75kW, $0.21/min at 75kW or less. Pass+ pricing: $0.60/min at 125kW or more, $0.42/min between 125kW and 75kW, $0.15/min at 75kW or less. 40 cents per minute additional if car not moved ten minutes after session ends. See for details.
Charge Price
$1 session fee + (1 - 350 kW $0.89 / min. 1 - 125 kW $0.58 / min. 1 - 75 kW $0.21 / min.)


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Connected to Electromaps
Many charging stations actually require a pass to be activated. The electropass is a universal access solution that allows you to charge your electric vehicle on a maximum of charging networks.


50 kw
Works with the Electropass


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Walmart 673 Clarksville (Electrify America) is a charging station located in Clarksville, Montgomery County. This charging station has a total of 1 connectors and 1 of those are for fast charging. It was added 10/08/2019 and was last updated on 21/08/2022.
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If this charger in Clarksville does not fit your car, there are alternatives. You can check other chargers in Clarksville or drive to other cities like Rockville, Bethesda, Silver Spring because they are close by and inside Montgomery County.