Nogales Arizona City Hall NEMA 14-50

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Created at 15/06/2019 and updated at 03/11/2022
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717 North Grand Avenue 85621
Behind City Hall on the south side of the parking lot, somewhat close to the fire station. Several Drivers, including myself, experienced issues 2017-2018 as to 1) whether they were allowed to charge there and 2) whether parking was accessible to the plug. The police have a presence there (it is city hall, after all) and there has in the past been miscommunication as to whether EV drivers were allowed to use this plug. As of this writing, 2019-06-15, it is not clear if this is fully cleared up, though some reports 2018-2019 seem ok.
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NEMA 14-50

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Nogales Arizona City Hall NEMA 14-50 is a charging station located in Nogales, Santa Cruz County. This charging station has a total of 1 connectors and 0 of those are for fast charging. It was added 15/06/2019 and was last updated on 03/11/2022.
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