Electromaps continues its expansion throughout Europe with the collaboration of TotalEnergies, with which it has signed an interoperability services agreement that involves the direct connection between the charging stations of the energy company in Europe and the Electromaps app through the protocol OCPI (Open Charge Point Interface).

Great advantages for electric vehicle users

This agreement will allow Electromaps users to pay for their charges at public and semi-public charging stations that the energy company operates in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. TotalEnergies is growing a network of high-power charging stations on the main roads and cities in Central Europe, which will allow Electromaps users to travel around France without any worries. In the coming months, new fast charging points will be added, following TotalEnergies' commitment to electric mobility.

This agreement between both companies is a great advantage for users of electric vehicles, who will have better prices and more information about charging stations, thanks to the new iconography of the app, which combines information on charging points with information provided by the community. One step further to reduce range anxiety and facilitate the transition to eMobility.

An agreement that enhances both companies’ services for the benefit of electric mobility in Europe

The goal of Electromaps is to provide electric vehicle drivers with the most efficient and reliable charging experience, offering more and better information and access to charging points and continuously innovating. Regarding the agreement with TotalEnergies, the Co-CEO of Electromaps, Maximilien Kauffmann, has stated: “Electromaps' commitment to interoperability has been clear from the beginning, and sharing that approach with operators as important as TotalEnergies is a source of satisfaction.

”TotalEnergies aims to be recognized as a major player in electric mobility. Pierre Clasquin, Vice President of the EV Charge Division at TotalEnergies, has added: "This agreement with Electromaps places us in a privileged relationship and will offer users an easy-to-find charging network and clearer information for their charging sessions."