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Munich-Vigo route by electric car: find out where to find fast charging points

Cátia Marreiros
Jul 25, 2023
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With the summer holidays about to kick off (if they haven't already for some lucky ones) it's time to plan how to get to your chosen destination in the quickest and most efficient way.

From Electromaps we propose you a road trip from Munich to Vigo in your electric car, and for that we have prepared this route and we have compiled some mandatory stops along the way such as: Geneva, Zurich, Biarritz, Bordeaux, and many more. 

The travel time between Munich and Vigo is around 22h30m and covers a distance of approximately 2278 km. Before embarking on a long-distance journey in an electric vehicle, it is important to plan well. In this guide you will find some key recommendations that will allow you to efficiently charge your electric vehicle en route and reach your destination without any problems.

Preparing for your departure

parking coche eléctrico

Photo by Michael Fousert, vía Unplash

First of all, it is important to check the distance your EV can travel and the type of chargers it is compatible with. This information (be realistic) will let you know how many kilometres you will be able to travel on a single charge and the number of stops you will have to make on your journey. 

Once you have this information you can plan your journey including stops with chargers en route. Note that some chargers may not be available immediately, so allow extra time to complete your journey. Electromaps provides real-time data so you can find out if the charger is currently available and the type of fast charger you can use (CCS / CHAdeMO / Type 2).

What to expect at Electromaps charging stations

Charging speed and waiting time

The speed of fast charging depends on how much power chargers can deliver and how much power your car can accept, but also where you are in your state of charge. Unlike a 7 kW charger, which charges almost exclusively at 7 kW regardless of how full the battery is, electric cars manage their fast charging speed to protect the battery.

Photo by Ernest Ojeh, vía Unplash

When planning your route, it is always a good idea to have a couple of alternative chargers in case the one you choose is busy. Make sure you have enough range to get to another charging point rather than arriving with a 1% battery charge. It is better (and much less stressful) to arrive at a charging point with 10-20% charge remaining and recharge to 80% while you take a break. Combine a charging stop with a lunch break and chances are your car will be charged when you're done. 

Another tip for mid-trip recharging is to look for places that have more than one charger. For example, petrol stations often have two or more units. This summer you can take advantage of our promotions and get recharge credits or a discount on our Electropass key fob.

Knowing that the charging part of your electric vehicle is covered with the Electromaps app and the charging station map, let's take a look at our route in detail. Ready?

Munich, start

Ian Kelsall, vía Unplash

Our starting point for this EV road trip is the German city of Munich. The capital of Bavaria is the third largest city in Germany and one of the largest in Europe. In addition to its various tourist attractions, it is also the epicentre of one of the most famous and most awaited festivals for lovers of good beer, the Oktoberfest. 

As we have mentioned before, before leaving on your trip it is important that you take the opportunity to fully charge your electric car. Fortunately, Munich has a wide range of charging points connected to Electromaps that you can use. And if you're looking for fast chargers, you can find them by using our map and filtering your search, which will save you time.

Dornbirn, first stop

Photo by Leonhard Niederwimmer, vía Unplash

Our first stop will be in Dornbirn, Austria, about 2 hours after leaving Munich. This town of almost 50,000 inhabitants is very close to the borders of Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. 

If you are looking for a fast charger, we advise you to choose the HYC Messepark charging point at Messestraße 2. Here you will find 2 CCS2 chargers with 150 kW each. 

Switzerland awaits you with its 4697 charging points

Photo by Henrique Ferreira, vía Unplash

Ya en Suiza aconsejamos una pequeña parada técnica o, si queréis tomaroslo con calma y disfrutar de vuestro viaje, en Zúrich. Si bien es cierto que habréis recorrido tan sOnce in Switzerland, we recommend a short technical stop or, if you want to take it easy and enjoy your trip, in Zurich. Although it is true that you will have covered only 125 km since the last stop, this is a city that is worthwhile for several reasons. 

With the Alps in the background and a historic city centre made up of cobbled streets, Zurich is the ideal destination if you are a museum lover. If you get the chance, don't miss the Kunsthaus Zurich, which houses a collection of more than 4,000 paintings by such exceptional artists as Gauguin, Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso and Dalí. 

While you enjoy your visit to the museum, and bearing in mind that you will have spent little since your last charge, you can take the opportunity to recharge your electric car at one of the charging points in the area.

                                       Photo by Carlosdasilva 80

Genève awaits you on the banks of the Léman river

Photo by Michal Dolnik, vía Unplash

This will be the first longest section of the journey. We will leave Zurich in the direction of Geneva, which will take us approximately 3 hours (277 kilometres). This Swiss city on the banks of the River Geneva will welcome you with its beautiful old town and its charming Carouge district. If you have time, don't miss a visit to the United Nations Headquarters.

If you want to stretch your legs and charge your electric car, you can do so at one of the two ultra-fast 160 kW CCS2 chargers, located in Tamoil Châtelaine. If, on the other hand, you decide to stay overnight, there are several hotels that have chargers connected to Electromaps, such as the Hotel InterContinental Genève or Hotel Novotel Genève Centre, all equipped with 22 kW Type 2 chargers.

Nearly 30,000 chargers are waiting for you in France

Photo by puy Dôme, vía Unplash

Time to hit the road again and do a new section, this time of 319 km. The destination? Clermont Ferrand, now in French territory. This great unknown for many is surrounded by more than eighty volcanoes, one of which is only 15 km away. If you are a cheese lover, take the opportunity to try one of its five cheeses with Protected Designation of Origin, Bleu d'Auvergne, Saint-nectaire, Salers, Cantal or Fourme d'Ambert.

Don't miss the opportunity to recharge your vehicle at one of the charging stations scattered around the city. Very close to the Cora shopping centre, you can find 7 chargers of different powers and types, which will save you time.

Bordeaux, the "Sleeping Beauty" of south-west France

Photo by Pedro Mealha, vía Unplash

We continue our way to Bordeaux, 377 km to the southwest. The "Pearl of Aquitaine" was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco for its wonderful historic centre and is undoubtedly one of the world's reference points for those who enjoy a good glass of wine.

Fortunately, Bordeaux has a large infrastructure of charging points for electric cars. There are no less than 100 different charging points, so you won't have a problem here. You can use our app to search for the nearest charging points and see their availability in real time so you won't waste any time.

The pearl of southern France, last destination before crossing the border

Photo by DAT VO, vía Unplash

To end the day, we suggest you reach Biarritz, very close to Spain, which will take you approximately 2h20. As you have already covered quite a few kilometres, we think this is a good place to spend the night and enjoy a well-deserved rest. 

Take the opportunity to stroll along the promenade and pay a visit to the Rocher de la Vierge or Virgin's Rock, a symbol of the city. The views of the Bay of Biscay on one side and the Grande Plage and its colourful huts on the other will undoubtedly take your mind off the road.

Your electric car also deserves to be looked after and if you are looking to charge it while you enjoy other activities, we suggest you do so at the chargers in the BAB2 Shopping Centre. There are two 150 kW CCS2 chargers where you can use your Electropass without any problem. While you do so, you can do some shopping or even have a bite to eat in one of the 120 shops in this shopping centre.

Guernica is not only Picasso

Photo by Papamanila, vía Wikimedia Commons

We leave France and head for Guernica, only 137 km away. As this is a "technical stop" you might not want to entertain yourself too much, but if you do, Guernica will welcome you with open arms. 

You can recharge your EV at the Amunaga industrial estate and not stray too far. There is only one 100 kW charger but it is not a very busy area and you know you can check availability in real time on the Electromaps App.

Unquera, the sweetest destination on our route

Photo by Asturianu, vía Wikimedia Commons

188 km and 2 hours later you will arrive in Unquera, Cantabria. This is a good time to get your strength back and what better way to do it than to try some good Unquera corbatas? This flaky pastry product is won't be able to resist.

Hostal Río Deva II can offer you those delicious corbatas but also four ultra fast chargers, more specifically, two 180 kW and two 360 kW, all of them CCS2 type.

  Photo by Altozano

Tapia de Casariego welcomes us with all the charm of Asturias

Photo by marta gonzalez, vía Wikimedia Commons

We take the A-8 towards Tapia de Casariego, the journey will take you just over 2 hours (227 km). This small town of almost 4,000 inhabitants will welcome you with its beaches and its charm. One of the must-see spots for surf lovers, this town breathes sea and nature. 

If you don't want to go into the village, you can charge your car at the Avia station. It has two CCS2 chargers with 150 kW of power and our community has rated it very positively.

Hello Galicia

Photo by D.Rovchak, vía Wikimedia Commons

We are getting closer to our destination, but before arriving we will make one last stop in Lugo, only 125 km from Tapia de Casariego. The stop to recharge the car can be found in the Polígono Industrial das Gandáras. Two 150 kW CCS2 chargers await you here.

You cannot leave the city without seeing something of its wonderful Roman past, such as the City Wall, the Thermal Baths or the Roman Theatre.  

Vigo, last stop

Photo by Alejandro Piñero Amerio, vía Unplash

Vigo awaits us after the last 188 km of this Munich-Vigo route by electric car. In the 2h15 that separate you from your destination, you will leave behind cities such as Santiago de Compostela or Pontevedra. Once in the heart of the Rías Baixas, don't worry, you will have 68 recharging points at your disposal that you can use.

If you want to help other EV drivers, don't hesitate to send us your photos while you are charging your EV or comment on anything you think is useful, our community will be grateful.

Cátia Marreiros
Jul 25, 2023
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