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We have launched a new app and renewed our corporate image

The new Electromaps app is ready and after the implementation process you can update it and enjoy all the new features and improvements that we have included.

María Rodríguez
Jun 24, 2022
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Since the beginning of the month, Electromaps users have been enjoying the new app, more agile and intuitive, to make electric mobility easier for more users. Simultaneously, we have updated our corporate image. Our new slogan "Go anywhere" highlights the freedom of traveling anywhere with an electric vehicle, since charging stations can always be found. Our goal is to offer electric vehicle users the best and most reliable public charging experience, thereby accelerating the transition to sustainable mobility.

The updating of our app and corporate image mark the beginning of a new chapter, with an ambitious expansion plan for Europe. The Co-founder of Electromaps, Xavier Cañadell, points out that "the new application simplifies the payment process, offers a renewed, more intuitive design and involves a complete update of its structure, which will facilitate the development of new functionalities soon".

Regarding the expansion of Electromaps throughout Europe, Maximilien Kauffmann, Co-CEO of Electromaps, remarks that "Europe has made a clear commitment to electric mobility, and Electromaps aspires to become the app that allows you to travel across the continent with an electric vehicle, with the security of easily finding charging points, and making payments from a single application".

What's new in the app

The main new features in the app focus on improving the day-to-day user's experience, the payment method and a renewed iconography on the map to more quickly identify what users are looking for.

One of our priorities is that Electromaps users easily find charging points and all relevant information in the most intuitive way. So the user will be able to filter the charging points on the map according to the electrical power, type of connector, if they show real-time information, or if they can be activated with the mobile app or with the Electromaps keychain. Charging points can also be filtered by type of location such as car parks, hotels, restaurants, etc.

The payment method is another release. From now on, the user will be able to add a bank card when updating the app. A more convenient way to manage and streamline charges. In this way, the virtual wallet in which users had to deposit money is eliminated. The accumulated balance is kept for future chargings with the new app. 

In addition, the information about charging stations and community feedback is now displayed under the same symbol. The new icons show if the charging points offer real-time information, their power, and other users’ experiences. So choosing the most suitable charging station will be easier.

Electromaps new logo and corporate image

The launch of the new app coincides with a change in our visual identity, fresher and aligned with Wallbox, our main shareholder since September 2020. 

“It has been great to capture the energy of the brand and translate it into a new corporate visual identity with a clear and bold visual language” explains Romel Amineh, consultant at DesignState, the Danish agency in charge of the project. The new logo represents an evolution and tries to better reflect the link with electric mobility. Thus “the redesign of the logo is now more like a power button (rotated 90 degrees)”, adds Amineh.

The slogan changes to "Go anywhere" to show the freedom of electric mobility users to travel anywhere, accompanied by the Electromaps app that will allow them to find and activate charging stations more easily.

A second tagline “Find. Charge. Go” has also been added to express the simplicity of the charging process, and our clear focus on the “moments” that EV drivers experience. "Electromaps wants to be the perfect partner, so users don't have to worry about charging. We want this process to be as easy as possible," says Xavier Cañadell, Co-founder of Electromaps.

The beginning of our expansion throughout Europe

We begin a new journey focusing on our expansion throughout Europe. To do this, we have recently reinforced our workforce by raising a total of 30 employees. With over 220,000 registered users worldwide, most of them in Europe, we are now starting an ambitious expansion plan that will begin in Portugal, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Italy. In fact, we have already started to sign some alliances with strategic partners that will help us in this ambitious project, such as TotalEnergies.

Europe is the second largest market for electric mobility, behind China and ahead of the US. The European Parliament already voted to ban combustion engine cars from 2035. Electric mobility is going to grow significantly in the next few years on the European continent, and Electromaps wants to become the benchmark for finding and activating charging stations.

Electromaps user community

Electromaps user community has always been a pivotal part of the application, providing valuable information through comments, ratings, photos and adding new charging points. These are people very involved in eMobility and helping other users. An average of  350 comments and 70 photos are added to the app every day, and this information is used by the entire community to enjoy a better charging experience.

Have you tried the new app? What do you think? Please, leave your feedback below to help us to keep improving.

María Rodríguez
Jun 24, 2022
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