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8 Reasons why you should install electric vehicle charging points at your hotel

Do you want to attract new customers to your hotel? We give you some clues to stand out from your competitors and to influence the final decision of your potential clients.

María Rodríguez
May 4, 2022
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Surely you have thought about extending your hotel's services or even some of your customers have asked you if there is a charging point for their electric vehicles in your facilities. This article explains the eight main reasons why you should install charging points in your hotel, regardless of its size.

1. Increased online visibility

You will see your hotel's visibility increase on online platforms, both on booking websites and apps, such as ours, which offer services related to charging points.

Consumers have become increasingly demanding and, thanks to the facilities provided by the internet, we have become accustomed to searching and comparing before making a purchase, especially if it is a trip that we have been planning for some time.

Many booking websites allow us to filter through a multitude of aspects, including the charging station for electric vehicles as one of the facility's services. 

In addition, electric car drivers often have an app installed to help them locate charging points and plan their journey, such as Electromaps. Being part of the charging points map will give you added visibility and even feature on platforms you probably wouldn't have considered.

And what about the reviews? We love to share our opinion and rate the establishment that has welcomed us! Customer reviews will help you to attract future customers to your hotel.

Visibility, therefore, is the first step in reaching our target audience and making them aware of us. 

2. You will stand out from competitors

Charging points can be an added value that makes you stand out in your sector. In fact, after doing a quick search on eDreams and, we found that only 4.6% of European accommodation offers this service.

The saying "he who strikes first, strikes twice" could work in this case and give you a good advantage over your competitors.

3. Anticipate your customers' needs

Upselling as such has been a thing of the past for decades. Today, the "customer-first" strategy is more than proven to be successful in business, leading to increased retention rates and profitability

In this case, having charging points can mean providing solutions (anticipating a problem) to customers using electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. As an example, in Spain in March alone, the number of EV drivers increased by more than 6,000, while the UK, France and Germany, which accounted for half of the foreign tourists coming to Spain in 2019, had almost 150,000 new registrations. 

And we cannot forget the tourists who opt for car hire, a sector that is making great progress in electromobility.

Quality customer service will reward you with more customers.

4. Customer loyalty

This point is directly related to the previous one. Acquiring a new customer can cost up to seven times more than retaining an existing one. According to a study by Dimensional Research and Zendesk, 52% of your customers will repeat the experience. 

Seen in this light, it pays off, doesn't it?

5. You will attract a new type of customer, considered to be of high value

The typical EV driver tends to be middle-aged, well-educated and with high purchasing power. They love technology and sustainability. This type of customer can increase your turnover by using other services provided in your hotel, such as restaurants, room service or spa services.

6. You will also attract certain customers in your area, who have not been your target until now

Charging points will be an attraction for EV drivers who live or work in your catchment area. You will provide them with a service and they will be able to use your facilities, such as the cafeteria, gym, mini golf or the swimming pool, while their vehicle is charging. 

Depending on the types of chargers you install, slow, semi-fast or fast, these can also be a source of direct revenue for your establishment.

7. Brand image associated with sustainability

Your hotel will become an e-mobility partner, an active player in the fight against climate change and its effects. You are probably already making efforts to understand your hotel's ecological footprint to reduce its environmental impact. This is a great opportunity to associate sustainability with your brand while effectively helping the planet.

8. You can probably benefit from some grants

Depending on where your hotel is located, you may be able to receive grants covering up to 60% of the cost of the installation. It is worthy to check your local grants.

Usually, grants do not discriminate between power ratings, i.e. you can install the charging points with the power ratings that best suit your needs and those of your customers.

Installing charging points in your hotel will give you all these advantages. At Electromaps we make it easy for you: we advise you and manage the installation.

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María Rodríguez
May 4, 2022
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