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Electric vehicle users, protagonists of Word EV Day 2022

On the occasion of World EV Day, we have collected some experiences and impressions from some EV users.

María Rodríguez
Sep 9, 2022
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Like every September 9, at Electromaps we charge our batteries to 100% to celebrate World EV Day, the International Electric Vehicle Day. We give the floor to the users, the great protagonists of this Green Transition and the main actors of this change.

François combines supercharges and local networks

François and his family live in Loiret and last Summer drove down to the Mediterranean cost in South France with a Tesla Model 3 SR+

François points out: “I’ve never been prevented from charging by the presence of combustion or electric vehicles parked without charging. And the huge advantage of this is to be able to park in the heart of cities to charge, even in the event of heavy traffic (provided no one monopolizes the space!).”

He likes combining superchargers for long journeys and urban chargers, sometimes exotic, to discover new places for ever more varied and unexpected trips!

“I’m now looking for an EV for commuting”, Patrice’s goal after his first long EV trip

Having a Renault Zoé with 250 km of autonomy did not stop Patrice this Summer. He went with his family and a family friend on holidays for two full weeks. 

Patrice was very pleased to find free chargers, not only at the camping where they were staying, but also on their way. “in an electric car, you no longer have to be in a hurry, avoid motorways and tolls! Drive as much as possible in ECO mode and try to use rural and small country roads. Make the most of the engine brake on the descents, because it charges and it's free!”.

This 1.550 km trip cost him 40 € in charges and it made him start looking for another EV car to replace his diesel for his daily commuting.

Mickael enjoyed a stress-free family trip around France

Mickael, his wife, and their three kids live near Paris, from where they started their last Summer trip. They, first drove down to Dordogne, and ended in the beautiful Évian, in Haut-Savoie. “Magnificent landscapes, impressive fires (as well as brave firefighters), a lake, and mountains that will remain etched in our memories.”

“A family trip with 3 children: 10 years old, 7 years old, and 18 months old; charging with no problems and fast. Can't wait for next year!”

Stéphane and family defied geography and reached the Alps

This summer Stéphane and his family traveled through Spain and France for three weeks and 4,748 km driven in their Tesla Model 3. This is their second electric car, after switching to electric mobility more than four years ago with a Renault Zoe. 

Stéphane tells us that he tries to take advantage of charging points at the hotels to get the car ready for the following day. In fact, he stresses that, with five people in the car, loaded with luggage, and at the maximum speed allowed, this trip cost about €5 every 100 km in charges. It's not bad at all…

Tarrés family, from Girona (Spain) to Venice (Italy) for €54 in charges

Is it possible to travel 2,500 km for just €54 in charges? It looks like it is. This couple from Girona gives us the keys. On the road, they take the opportunity to charge at restaurants and cafes, and they don't like to leave the car too far away. During this Summer trip they took advantage of the fact that the hotels chosen included free charging in the parking standard price (not added to the total amount spent charging, because they were going to pay for parking anyway). They also used charging points at shopping centers when they needed a rest or just fancy shopping. 

Mr Tarrés confess to us that they are Electromaps users and use the Electropass keychain in their charges.

María Rodríguez
Sep 9, 2022
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