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Electromaps partners with Power Dot and will add more than 8,000 charging points in Europe to its app

Electromaps users could access all fast and ultrafast Power Dot charging points and pay for their charges with the app and the Electropass

María Rodríguez
Sep 20, 2022
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Electromaps has signed an interoperability agreement with Power Dot, operator of chargers for electric vehicles, which will allow users of Electromaps access and activate the charges through the app in over 8,000 charging points that the Portuguese company has in Europe.

Electromaps’ users could find Power Dot charging points, and also access and activate the charges through the app or the RFID-enabled keytag, simply by bringing it closer to the charger. All these charging points will have real-time information that will be updated every minute, so users will be able to know if it is working or not and its availability.

This interoperability agreement is a way of speeding up EV charges and making them possible also in places with poor mobile signal and where there is no roaming. The protocol OCPI (Open Charge Point Interface) will allow more than 280,000 Electromaps’ users to charge their electric vehicles at any Power Dot charging point.

Power Dot charging point connected to Electromaps, showing real-time information

Currently, more than 80% of the charging points that Power Dot has in Europe are fast charging or ultrafast, which means that on these last ones users can charge up to 80% of the battery of their vehicle in only 15 minutes.

Maximilien Kauffmann, CEO of Electromaps, declares that "our company always seeks to improve the number of charging points available so users can operate directly from our app. That is why it is a great satisfaction to reach interoperability agreements with companies such as Power Dot, which already has an extensive network throughout Europe and an important plan for expansion. This agreement will benefit electric vehicle drivers and help speed up the transition towards sustainable mobility”.

Joao Seabra, General Manager at Power Dot, points out that "these alliances between the players in the sector help us to democratize electric mobility, it is a way of making charges more accessible and simple. This is why one of our goals for our services is to be integrated into applications like Electromaps, which is a great example of how to improve the experience of drivers by putting reliable information and fast charging at their fingertips”.

Key alliance for the European expansion of both companies

Electromaps and Power Dot have ambitious plans to democratize electric mobility in Europe. Together, both companies intend to boost results: Power Dot will thus achieve greater visibility and, therefore, an increase of chargings in Europe; while Electromaps adds a pillar CPO to offer a better service in its network, with information from more than 268,000 charging points, and increasingly widespread internationally.

In this line, Power Dot plans to reach 27,500 in Europe in 2030 with the aim of generating an international movement to promote zero emissions transport.

María Rodríguez
Sep 20, 2022
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