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EnBW's network of charging stations will be activated in Electromaps

More than 750 of EnBW's charging stations across Europe, which offer fast and ultra-fast charging, will be activated in Electromaps

María Rodríguez
Nov 11, 2022
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Electromaps is rolling out its European expansion strategy and continues to sign partnership agreements with leading European operators, with the aim of improving the experience of electric vehicle users across Europe when they need to charge their vehicles. We have recently signed an agreement with EnBW, the charging infrastructure operator that operates the largest fast charging network in Germany, with more than 750 fast charging stations in motorways, dual carriageways and urban environments. Moreover, it is accelerating its growth plans, since EnBW expects to operate 2,500 fast charging stations in Germany alone by 2025.

This partnership is aimed at ensuring that electric vehicle drivers can have easy access to fully functioning charging stations and can charge their vehicles easily, minimising the issues they may find. Over the next few months, Electromaps will be progressively connecting to EnBW's charging stations and our users will receive accurate information about the location of charging stations on their map, their status and availability in real time. Likewise, users will be able to charge their vehicle from the app and also by using the Electropass keytag at charging stations. This is a very important feature, in particular, in charging stations at places in which there is a poor mobile phone signal, or for users who do not have roaming coverage and charging via mobile phone could greatly increase the use of data, and therefore, their bill.

Another great advantage for electric vehicle users is a much more adjusted rate for charging, a reduction of 12% and 20% in cost compared to roaming rates, for AC and DC charges, respectively. Thus, the user will pay €0.48/kWh for chargers up to 43 kW (AC), and €0.73/kWh for chargers with power greater than 50 kW (DC).

EnbW charging stations will be activated in Electromaps

This win-win agreement is beneficial to the expansion plans of both companies. EnBW is already a leader of the German, Austrian and Swiss markets and aims to strengthen its presence in Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden and Spain. Electromaps will give EnBW the necessary visibility, and EnBW will provide it with very valuable information for the app's users, such as that related to available charging stations or charging prices when they register with Electromaps.

Electromaps has more than 270,000 stations and is present in 35 countries. "We are delighted to have signed this agreement with EnBW, by which we will expand our presence in quantitative and qualitative terms, with fast and ultra-fast charging stations in strategic locations on the main roads. This will allow us to offer a larger and more reliable network to our users. Our aim is to offer the most reliable and fluid charging experience, giving European electric vehicle users the sense of freedom they used to have with internal-combustion-engine vehicles", stated Maximilien Kauffmann, CEO of Electromaps.

Charging stations that use green energy

EnBW is a partner committed to the protection of the environment and proof of this is the use of 100% green energy in its electric vehicle charging stations. Many of its charging stations, with a capacity of up to 300 kW, feature solar panels, which supply the electricity generated on-site, while protecting electric vehicles from the weather while they are being charged. An incredible charging experience, with WiFi and in a safe environment with video-surveillance and plenty of light.

EnBW charging points will be activated in Electromaps

Electromaps and EnBW offer solutions to meet the needs of a growing number of electric vehicle users. In fact, sales of electric vehicles in Europe continue to grow and users are starting to demand more and more powerful charging stations to help them charge their vehicles on medium and long-distance trips.

María Rodríguez
Nov 11, 2022
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