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Electric vehicle sales grow in Europe in the third quarter

We study the EV sales in Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Spain, and their evolution towards electric mobility.

María Rodríguez
Oct 18, 2022
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We analyze the EV registrations in several European countries in the third quarter of the year, and we see the positive evolution towards green energy, but the behaviour of the market differs from one country to another, even in the total number of passenger cars registered, regardless of their power source.

Passenger cars registrations in Europe Q3 2022 - Electromaps

Let's see, one by one, the evolution of electric cars in recent months in Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Spain.

Norway, European leader in electric mobility

EV sales Norway Q3 2022

The number of passenger cars and SUVs registrations in Norway has suffered a decrease of 23.8% in this third quarter, compared to the previous year. Despite this, electric vehicles continue to gain market share, rising almost 3 points to reach 75.2%. The drop in the share of plug-in hybrids, from 16.2% to 11.6%, represents an increase in diesel and non-plug-in hybrids, which reached 3.7% and 7.1%, respectively.

The accumulated data for 2022 shows that pure electric cars account for a 77.8% share versus 62.5% in the same period of the previous year.

As we already anticipated in July, electric mobility in Norway is almost fully implemented, since electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids account for 87.8% of the share. This leaves the rest of the energy sources cars in a very residual position.

Explosion of electric vehicles in Sweden: increase of 23.7%

EV sales Sweden Q3 2022

The evolution experienced by Sweden in this quarter compared to the previous year is simply tremendous. We find a market share of electric cars that exceeds 30% and represents an increase of 23.7%. Plug-in hybrids also exceed 20% market share. In the same period of 2021, electric vehicles accounted for 8.5% of the market and plug-in hybrids, 7.5%. If we take into account that the number of total registrations has fallen by more than 65%, the figures are even more impressive.

The accumulated data show a somewhat more moderate growth, which places electric cars at a 28.4% share in 2022 compared to 21.6% in 2021.

EV registrations in the United Kingdom rise by 18.7%

EV sales UK Q3 2022

With practically the same number of passenger car registrations in the third quarter of this year than in the previous one, the behavior is also very similar regarding energy sources. Yes, there is an increase of 17.8% in electric vehicles, which rose from 12.6% to 14.9% of the share. However, combustion vehicles continue with more or less the same parameters as a year ago.

Although in the accumulated data we can also see this increase in plug-in cars, and above all, in electric ones, the future of electric mobility is still somewhat distant, since petrol and HEV still account for almost 74% of the market. On the other hand, diesel tends to disappear, with a drop of 43% to 5.2% share so far this year.

Rise of 19.6% in electric passenger cars registrations in Germany

EV sales Germany Q3 2022

In the last quarter, 17,231 electric cars and SUVs were registered in Germany, an increase of 19.6% from 2021, which shows that electric mobility is making its way in the German country. A tough battle between zero-emission cars and combustion cars, which are gradually gaining ground and in a fairly homogeneous way between the different energy sources. With the exception of diesel, which this quarter shows an increase of half a point in the market share compared to 2021.

The accumulated data show a decrease in total registrations of 7.4%, while electric vehicles increased by 15.1%. HEV also rose about 2 points this quarter, slightly more than ten thousand registered units.

Electric car registrations rise in France by 38.1%

EV sales France Q3 2022

Electric car registrations in France increased by 38.1% in the third quarter of this year, reaching 14% of market share. Diesel vehicles experienced a decrease of 18.3%, which contrasts with the 2% decrease of petrol ones. PHEV also dropped 14.4% and accounted for 7.6% of the market.

In the accumulated figure, an increase of 41.2% in electric vehicles stands out, while total registrations decreased by 11%, slightly more than 138,000 units less than in 2021.

EV sales in Spain grow by 17.1% in the third quarter

EV sales Spain Q3 2022

Spain is still at an initial level in the transition towards sustainable mobility, but the electric vehicle market continues to go up, showing a growth of 17.1% in pure electric vehicles in this third quarter, a net increase of about a thousand units.

This increase reaches 40.3% in the annual accumulated figures, despite the 7.4% decrease in registrations. Here the trend of electric mobility shows much clearer patterns of progress: 16.6% drop in petrol passenger car registrations, 19.3% drop in diesel cars, 8.3% growth in HEV, and 23.7% of PEV.

Electric vehicle registrations in September have been very positive, becoming the month with the highest electric vehicle sales so far this year.

María Rodríguez
Oct 18, 2022
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