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Finding accommodation with EV charging points. Anecdotes by Ángel Olbés

Ángel Olbés has been a user of a KIA eNiro since 2019 and he is pleased to share with us in this video some of his experiences in electric mobility.

Jonan Basterra
Sep 7, 2022
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We have been chatting with Ángel Olbés in Madrid, an electric vehicle user for three years, who tells us how he took the step to electric mobility and what the Electromaps community means to him.

Reasons to switch to a pure electric vehicle

Ángel has always been very conscious about ecology, but this was not the only reason to switch to an electric car. He studied the numbers: daily commuting distance, maintenance cost, purchase price, driving cost, installation of a charging point in his parking space inside the residential building… 

The quieter drive in a more powerful car was the icing on the cake.

Information about charging points and user contributions

Finding a charging point around you is easy with Electromaps. Ángel highlights the collaborative part of the app, where users provide information about charging points based on their experiences, adding comments and photos of the facilities.

“Having that collaborative database populated by people is great.”

Travel planning and accommodation search through Electromaps

Ángel shares with us how while planning a trip to Galicia (North West of Spain) he unexpectedly found his accommodation looking for slow charging points in our app. A clear example of how to give a business greater visibility and attract customers.

If you are one of those who prefer to read…

Transcription of the video of the talk with Ángel Olbés

I'm Angel Olbés, I live in Colmenar Viejo, Madrid. I work in systems engineering and have been an electric vehicle driver for 3 years.

Why did you switch to an electric car?

A lot of things. One of the most important for me was ecology; I'm quite sensitive to this issue. But ecology is by no means the only motive. There are also many other influences, such as economics, in my case, the sums do not always add up, but they added up for me with the maths I did and of course the fact that the car is much nicer to drive, much quieter, much more powerful than what I had before, which was a very basic car indeed

Is it difficult to find charging points?

No, the truth is that having good databases that are filled in collaboratively among users, which I think is a very good idea, as Electromaps is in fact, it's really easy to find charging points if you need them.

I've used Electromaps on occasion when I've been travelling, the first few times to find fast charging points and also to find slow charging points. In fact, I was on a trip to Galicia (North West Spain) a while ago, and the way I found a place to stay to be able to charge the car was not by looking on Booking or Airbnb, or anything like that, no, it was by searching Electromaps. Thanks to Electromaps, I found a slow one that had a link to an Airbnb. And I said gee! And thanks to that, I went on Airbnb and booked that house and it went very well.

Having such a collaborative database filled in by people is very good.

Jonan Basterra
Sep 7, 2022
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