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Test drive of the electric BYD ATTO3 Design

A week at the wheel of the Chinese compact SUV BYD ATTO 3, an electric vehicle with a very interesting price-performance ratio. Don't miss our impressions!

Chema Bermejo
Sep 26, 2023
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The oriental brand BYD is having a notable impact worldwide, undoubtedly due to the quality and competitive price of the vehicles it manufactures. In the Spanish market they are earning a place among the best-selling electric cars with their ATTO3 model, which I have had the opportunity to test for a few days and of which I leave here my feelings so that Electromaps followers can take it into account in their possible purchase of a new electric car, both for personal use and as a company vehicle or for electric fleets. In addition, we have recently received the news that 500,000 ATTO3s have been produced just 19 months after its launch. There must be a reason for this.

The electric driving experience is convincing. And this is a well-known fact, not only for motoring journalists, as I am, but also for Electromaps users, who confessed in a recent survey that 97% of them would buy an electric vehicle again. The driving experience was one of the main reasons for switching to electric for those surveyed, after fuel and maintenance savings and commitment to the environment. 

The BYD ATTO3 model I was able to test for a week was the Design version, which made it even more attractive and now I'll explain why. It is a new electric vehicle, a C-segment SUV with front-wheel drive and an interior that stands out for its visual simplicity. This BYD features a 5-inch LCD screen in front of the steering wheel and a second, electronically rotating, centrally located 15.6-inch infotainment screen (the Comfort version is slightly smaller). Spacious for both occupants and cargo, the ATTO3 features a front-to-rear panoramic sunroof with sunblind, electronically controllable of course.

This electric improves its thermal efficiency by using ambient waste heat.

the BYD ATTO3 electric vehicle has a panoramic roof

The interior of the BYD ATTO3, designed for young and sporty people

As the brand itself states: "the gearshift knob is inspired by gym dumbbells that are also transposed to the world of aeronautics, the central armrest is like a treadmill, the elastic strings in the front door receptacles recreate a guitar and the speakers, together with the multi-coloured ambient lighting, are able to react to the rhythm of the music in the audio system". However, as a grey-haired man myself, I was also attracted to this SUV, which is packed with features, such as smart connectivity, which allows a connection to the Electromaps app, for example. The ATTO 3 also incorporates a cloud-based service via the brand's own app, which can be used to control various car functions and information remotely. As a curiosity, I was able to charge my mobile phone wirelessly while driving.

BYD ATTO3 Design interior

The design of the seats has also been carefully considered: comfort and sporty design, in vegan leather, heated and electrically operated. The rear seats fold down to provide up to 1,138 litres of luggage space if required. In the normal position, these seats offer comfort and plenty of space for the occupants to travel in relaxation, and provide 440 litres of boot capacity.

As is common in most electric cars, the BYD ATTO3 is very pleasant and comfortable to drive. The car's easy and intuitive handling technology, navigation system and voice recognition are all outstanding. In addition, the ADAS (driver assistance systems) are fully integrated and alert you by voice to potential dangers, such as approaching a school zone or exceeding the speed limit, for example.

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The exterior design of the ATTO3 is reminiscent of a Chinese dragon: "dragon face"

BYD ATTO3 Design with dragon face exterior design

"Dragon Face is inspired by ancient Chinese culture. It has very expressive lines, with a front-end design that is an allegory of the dragon's face, as highlighted by its LED headlights and the characteristic brushed horizontal bar of its grille, which symbolises the eyes and moustache of these creatures," explains Wolfgang Egger, BYD's design director.

In terms of colours, the BYD ATTO 3 is available in five different colours: Surfing Blue, Skiing White, Climbing Grey (pictured), Parkour Red and Exploring Green.

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BYD technology for the new ATTO 3

According to BYD's own statements, they are the only car manufacturer that designs and manufactures the entire system of electric motors, transmissions, control units, batteries and semiconductors. This is imperceptible, but it gives BYD total quality control over its own vehicles.

The ATTO3 features the Blade Battery, a cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate (LPF) battery with a long service life. Its 60.48 kWh capacity gives it a range of up to 420 kilometres in combined use. Although range is highly dependent on driving, terrain and weather conditions, among other factors, I can say that during my week-long test of the ATTO3, its range was around 400 kilometres in city and motorway driving. 

This Design version includes V2L technology, bi-directional charging, which allows power to be fed back up to 3.68 kW to other devices outside the vehicle and even to the home. 

BYD ATTO3 Design recharging

On the road, I have been able to recharge from 30% to 80% in 29 minutes on direct current. This rises to around six and a half hours when using alternating current. In addition, this electric car comes with an 11 kW charger as standard. 

With all these charging possibilities and facilities, finding the right charging point with the Electromaps app is very easy, especially if you are travelling.

In terms of acceleration, the ATTO3 goes from 0 to 100 km/h in just over 7 seconds, thanks to the 150kW (204 hp) of power from its permanent magnet synchronous motor. The brand limits its top speed to 160 km/h (100 mph).

This BYD SUV features four driving modes to make it easier to control the vehicle according to your needs: Normal, Sport, Eco and Snow.

Discover prices and offers on the BYD website. 

Chema Bermejo
Sep 26, 2023
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