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Users’ contributions to the Electromaps map

Share your experiences and photos about your charges! And if you know a charging station that is not on the map, add it from the app. Your contributions are rewarded!

Maria Rodriguez
Feb 21, 2023
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Updated on 01/06/2024

What new contributions have there been to the Electromaps map?

May 2024

May at Electromaps

Last april, our community of users added 507 stations to the charging points map, 2.512 comments and 1.881 photos !

The users who contributed the most are

🥇Adrien Gallois

🥈Gredorio Caldas

🥉Agente 1

April 2024

April at Electromaps

Last april, our community of users added 354 stations to the charging points map, 2.492 comments and 1.862 photos !

The users who contributed the most are


🥈Fabrizio Nuzzaci

🥉Sanchez Calleja

March 2024

users contributions to electromaps-march

Last march, our community of users added 253 stations to the charging points map, 2.405 comments and 2.042 photos !

The users who contributed the most are


🥈Alexandra Marty


We'd also like to thank Fernando Pina and CR123 for adding new charging stations, which are helping to grow our app and our community!

You know that Electromaps wouldn't be the same application without you, its users. Your contributions are essential to improving the application in general and the charging experiences of electric vehicle users in particular. Here's a quick summary of your contributions in 2023:

On December 31, 2023, we closed the year with a total of 854,098 registered users on the Electromaps app, more than double the previous year. These users provided a wealth of information, adding 8,750 new charging points to the charging station map, modifying 10,718 existing points, uploading 27,201 photos and 42,597 comments. On average, the community of drivers and users of the Electromaps app made 245 contributions per day in 2023. Congratulations to all!

From finding charging stations to the charging itself, you can bring a lot of value to the Electromaps app. Here's how:

Our rules are changing!

Indeed, we're adjusting our rules to recognize the dedication of users who add charging stations, as it's hard work that needs to be acknowledged. However, we want you to know that we always appreciate contributions from those who leave comments and photos, as it's the combination of all these elements and the effort of our community that make our app a great tool for everyone.

Discover the new conditions of participation below!

1. Add new charging stations that do not yet appear on the Electromaps map

We would like to tell you that our map contains all the charging points, but it is not quite like that. Every day there are new charging stations set and we do not always have them registered. That is why your help is so important.

Do you know a charging point that does not appear on our map and would like to add it? It is very easy, you just have to click on the icon that appears at the bottom of the map on your smartphone and follow the steps.

how an user can add charging stations to the Electromaps map

2. Edit a charging point

Many of our charging points offer real-time information that shows if these points are working correctly, if they are available or busy, the charging rates, the connectors...

Only charging stations that are not connected to Electromaps can be editable by users. If you find any incorrect information or you can simply provide more information that helps other electric vehicle drivers to have a deeper understanding of that point, it is up to you to add it simply by clicking on the pencil-shaped icon (“edit”) and follow the steps.

3. Report the status of a charging point

Contribute with information about a charging point by reporting its status, that is, if it is working correctly, you have had a specific issue, or if the point is not active. This can be done directly by clicking on the "Report status" option that appears in the connector.

When the status of a charging station has been reported, the face icon of that status changes colour until that information is confirmed, either by Electromaps or by another user.

Report the status of a charging point on Electromaps map

4. Add comments and photos to a charge point

If it is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, why not both? We encourage you to share your comments and photos of your chargings at the point itself, so that other users get a better idea of what they are going to find at that point.

Add comments and photos to a charge point on Electromaps map
Cepsa Miralbueno Service Station (Zaragoza), with a double 180 kW charging point that can be activated with the app and the Electropass token and card

Contribute and earn money to charge your EV with Electromaps

Every month, we thank the three users who have contributed most to the app by adding photos, comments, top-up points... And they receive credit for their top-ups:

🥇75€ for the first,

🥈50€ for the second,

🥉25€ for the third.

What's more, the Top Contributor 2024 will win a 500€ voucher to spend in our online store. Yes! The user who contributes the most over the course of the year will be rewarded for regularly sharing their top-up experiences with our community, helping other users better understand what to expect at each top-up point on our card.


  • From 01.03.2024 to 31.08.2024, Electromaps will select each month the top 3 users who have contributed to the Electromaps application.
  • The best contributors will be identified on the basis of the total number of points earned by the users. Points will be rewarded as follows:
  • Electromaps reserves the right to quality control contributions and to reject any contribution at its discretion. Reasons for which a user contribution may be rejected may include, but are not limited to, contributions made by employees of a CPO or an agency managing CPO stations, contributions made solely to communicate station occupancy, contributions that promote third-party companies and organizations.
  • Users can only be rewarded as top contributors once every 6 months.
  • If a user appears in the top 3 but is not eligible for the reward for that particular month, the reward will be awarded to the next eligible user.
  • Monthly rewards consist of charging credits in the form of a promotional code that can only be redeemed on the Electromaps application and spent during a charging session billed in euros.
  • The rewards for the best contributors will be 75, 50 and 25 euros respectively.

Don't wait any longer and enjoy your refills even more with Electromaps!

Maria Rodriguez
Feb 21, 2023
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