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Electromaps facilitates access to and management of EDP's charging stations

Electromaps users can find, access and manage their chargings in all EDP charging stations in Spain, and see real-time information or each charging point.

Gerard Campos
Mar 4, 2021
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Electromaps, the leading electric mobility platform and, and the energy company EDP, have sealed an agreement whereby Electromaps obtains direct connection to EDP's recharging points through the Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) protocol.

With this agreement, Electromaps users can find, access and manage charging in all EDP charge points located in Spain, through the mobile application and the Electromaps RFID key fob. In addition to doing so easily and securely, they have real-time information on the status of the charging station, being able to know whether or not it is working and its availability.

The procedure to activate the charge with Electromaps is very simple. First, you have to activate the charge, either with the APP or with the RFID key fob, and finally plug the cable to the charging station, in the case of a Type 2 socket, or plug the cable into the vehicle, in the case of CCS and CHAdeMo sockets. It is essential to follow this procedure since if it is done in reverse as with the EDP APP (first plugging in and then activating), the system will not start the charging process.

This partnership between the two companies is a giant step forward for Spain's charging infrastructure interoperability, helping electric vehicle users to charge more quickly and standardize the charging service.

The OCPI protocol, which is already being adopted by companies such as Electromaps and EDP, supports direct connections between electric mobility service providers (eMSPs) with EV drivers as users/customers, such as Electromaps, and charging point operators (CPOs) managing charging stations, such as EDP.

Electromaps aims to improve the charging experience in Spain and become the most important charging network in the country, therefore the OCPI protocol and agreements such as the one sealed with EDP are essential for the growth of electric mobility and to facilitate the electric vehicle users' journeys and charging. In this sense, Xavier Cañadell, CEO of Electromaps, has stated that "interoperability and connectivity of charging points are key to the advancement of electric mobility, and it is what users need".

On its part, EDP, which already has charging facilities in some regions such as Asturias, Cantabria, the Basque Country, Madrid, Seville and the Valencian Community, continues to expand its network of charging stations in strategic areas of Spain. The company, which currently has 300 charging stations, remains committed to increasing the number of chargers and states, as indicated by EDP Spain's Director of Mobility, Javier Martínez Ríos, that "electric mobility is one of our main commitments and one of the solutions that contributes decisively to the decarbonization of transport. We will continue to focus on it and to offer individuals and companies the most innovative products and integrated mobility solutions".


Electromaps is an electric mobility service provider based in Barcelona. Since 2009 it helps electric vehicle drivers around the world to find all available charging points both free and paying, facilitating access and payment directly from our Mobile App or RFID Key Fob.

EDP Group

EDP is a leading international energy group in value creation, innovation and sustainability. It is part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (World and STOXX) and is also a world leader in renewable energy.

In Spain, where the EDP Group directly employs more than 1,550 people, it is a benchmark in the energy market, present in generation, with more than 4,600 MW of installed capacity, 668,500 electricity distribution supply end points and a portfolio of more than 14 TWh of electricity, natural gas and services sold to business customers. 

Gerard Campos
Mar 4, 2021
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