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EVectrum, new EV fleet and charger management software

Xavier Cañadell, co-founder of Electromaps, presents EVectrum, the software for the new and fast-growing EV fleet market.

María Rodríguez
Jul 4, 2023
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We chat with Xavier Cañadell, co-founder of Electromaps and EVectrum head of product. Xavier tells us about this project on which he has been working for several months and it has now become true.

What’s EVectrum?

EVectrum is a B2B solution for companies to manage their electromobility. This includes managing their own and their employees' chargers and making it easier for their fleet of electric vehicles to move around smoothly, whether charging at home or on public roads.

EVectrum EV fleet and charger management software by Electromaps - dashboard
“EVectrum is a user-friendly and intuitive platform”

This is a complete solution to make zero-emission mobility easier and easier for everyone, private individuals, self-employed, companies and institutions.

EVectrum EV fleet and charger management software by Electromaps - graphics

How does EVectrum help in the charging points management?

EVectrum, as a charging point management software, allows any owner of an electric vehicle charger -either a private individual, a small municipality, a hotel or even a large electricity company- to manage their charging infrastructure and make it accessible to millions of EV users in a very fast, agile and practical way.

Sharing chargers with other charging point networks

Chargers can be shared and made visible not only on the Electromaps map of charging stations, but also on other operators and roaming platforms. All at the click of a button.

EVectrum EV fleet and charger management software by Electromaps - locations
go to Electromaps charging points map

Intuitive tariff configuration with dynamic price control

Easier and more intuitive tariff configuration and with the option to connect to real-time price information platforms. In other words, different prices can be defined according to time slots. We are also working on variables in these prices so that, in the near future, excessive use of a charger, or remaining parked while not charging, can be penalised. 

EVectrum EV fleet and charger management software by Electromaps - tariffs

Implement bi-directional chargers to the platform

It’s possible to control both the charging and the discharging of the vehicle. And to have control of this type of charging linked, above all, to the new bi-directional chargers, such as the Wallbox Quasar 2.

The market is very active and changing and EVectrum will allow us to adapt quickly to these changes and offer the best charging point management solution.

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What does EVectrum offer to electric vehicle fleets?

EVectrum offers companies an easy management of electric vehicle users, all those workers to whom the company decides to pay for their charges. Simply link a user of the Electromaps app -and a RFID key fob or card Electropass- to have access to the largest platform of charging points in Spain and the rest of Europe.

EVectrum EV fleet and charger management software by Electromaps - activity
"EVectrum offers a full service in EV fleet management."

Companies can count on:

- Monitoring, analysis and management of the charging activity of their electric vehicle fleet in real time at public charging points and their own.

- Use of the Electromaps app by employees to find and access the largest network of charging points in Europe, with more than 410,000 points from which they can activate charging sessions directly via the app or their Electropass RFID passes.

- Configuration of reimbursement automation rules: easily exporting the data of recharges made at employees' homes.

- Integrated payment management and automatic invoicing: a single invoice at the end of the month for all top-ups, regardless of operator and users.

- Reports and statistics.

- Customer service (after-sales service).

“We created EVectrum to capture the new and fast-growing EV fleet market.”

EVectrum is especially visual, practical and intuitive. Also, it works in a very agile and fast way, so the administration and management of information are hugely considerable advantages to take into account.

Electromaps has had some fleet customers for some time already, but they were using a simple and non-scalable platform. Those customers, for example PepsiCo or Nintendo, had chosen Electromaps as a partner, because of the high quality of the app and the network coverage. With EVectrum, they can now migrate to a modern and scalable platform, with richer features, for even more efficient fleet management.

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María Rodríguez
Jul 4, 2023
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