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How Electromaps works: tips and tricks

Finding charging stations and activating EV charges is straightforward with Electromaps. We explain how this app works and some tips.

Gerard Campos
Apr 17, 2023
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Updated on 31/01/2024

On the Electromaps map you will find the largest network of public charging stations and you will be able to activate your free or paid charges at most of them. But the app is much more... We explain it all to you!

First of all, we recommend that you download the app for a more complete experience. It is available on the App Store and Google Play.

download Electromaps app

Sign up to the Electromaps app in a few clicks

Registering as an Electromaps user is very easy: you can use your social login or use an email address. Whichever is more convenient for you. 

We recommend that, once registered, you set up a payment method for your chargings. This is a prerequisite for activating EV chargers, even if they are free of charge. As a payment method, you can manually enter your bank card or simply choose Google Pay (for Android mobiles), if you have already set it up in your Google account.

Find charging points with Electromaps

Electromaps offers the most complete network of public charging stations. On its map, with more than 410,000 charging points, you can find charging stations around you or search for them wherever you may need them.

find a charging point for your EV

How to search for charging points on Electromaps: use the filters

Use the filters on the Electromaps app to find charging points

Simply go to the map and search around you or in the area you are interested in. You can also use the filters, which help you to discriminate according to various factors:

  • Chargers connected to Electromaps: they show real-time information, i.e. if the charger is free or busy, if it has any incident, rates, etc. 
  • Chargers that can be activated through the Electromaps app: you can activate your charge from any associated operator in just a few steps through the app. 
  • Chargers that can be activated via RFID keytag and card: you can activate your charge by simply bringing your Electropass card or keytag close to the charger.
  • Charging power: depending on what you are most interested in at any given moment, you can look for slow or fast chargers. The choice is yours.
  • Connector type: the most common in Europe are Type 2 and CCS2 (for fast charging), but you can filter by any type, from Schuko to Type 3 or Tesla Roadster. At Electromaps we have them all. 
  • Type of location of the point: do you want to make a stop? Are you thinking of taking advantage of it to have a snack or do you prefer to have lunch? Did you know that some users found accommodation with charging points through the Electromaps app? Restaurants, hotels, service stations, shops, car parks, charging points on public roads... Filter by what interests you most. We give you options.
  • Favourite points: save your favourite points and access them quickly. 
  • Private points: public charging points are shown by default on the map, but your company, for example, may have private or semi-public chargers and you can access them and activate charging (if they are connected to Electromaps) with this filter.

Tip! 👇

Remember to deactivate the filters when you no longer need them. Forgetting them is very common and this means that you will not be able to see all the available points on the map. If the filter icon shows a red dot, it means that some filters are activated 😉

Get notified when the charging point of your interest becomes available

The green icons on the map indicate that these points are connected to Electromaps and therefore show real-time information. If you are interested in one of them, but see that it is occupied, you can get notified as soon as it becomes free.

How to activate the charging of your electric vehicle?

activate the charging of your electric vehicle with Electromaps

Most charging points can be activated and accessed with the Electromaps APP. You just have to be next to the point and click on the "activate" button that appears next to the connector information in the point's file. You will also be able to see the tariff clearly right there, without the need to click any further.

activate your EV charging with Electropass, the Electromaps RFID keyfob or card

If the point can be activated and accessible with the RFID Electropass key fob or card, you only have to bring one of them close to the RFID reader of the point to authorise the charging. The Electropass is very easy to set up and, not only does it speed up the activation of the charging, but it can also help if you are in an area with a poor mobile signal, such as an underground car park, and cannot use the app.

get a RFID keyfob or card to charge your EV with Electromaps

Electromaps and its active community of users

Electromaps is a collaborative app where users add a lot of information, with their reviews, photographs and even adding charging points that have not yet been registered in the app.

Gerard Campos
Apr 17, 2023
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