Yesterday a pretty box arrived from The Netherlands to our Barcelona office. And we finally received our dearly awaited ethical Phones and Modular Earphones from Fairphone

Since our recent partnership with Wallbox, the team at Electromaps has started to grow: all tasks, dreams and ideas can finally sprout with the support of our new developers, marketing and reinforced sales team. We are not just another company speaking about sustainability.

All our employees are fully committed to sustainability, we believe in biking to work, using public transport and our beloved electric vehicles to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.

As the most relevant player in southern Europe, we really liked Fairphone’s commitment with the environment, their initial step as a researcher of fair supply chains and the optimization of natural resources. Unfortunately pointing the wrongdoing of other phone producers was not enough, you need to “grab the bull by its horns”, as we say in Spanish and just like that they started leading by example with the Fairphone 1 back in 2013.

Tuesday night their industry main player made an announcement of not selling chargers to reduce e-waste… but guess who had done that before…

Electromaps is willing to join other colleagues in the sustainable mobility sector like Sonomotors and Tesla by exploring a participation in the Free Cobalt Alliance.