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ICNC23 highlights the future of eMobility

Leading experts in the eMobility industry gathered to discuss the landscape of EV charging and its impact on businesses and consumers: business models, seamless experiences, and industry trends.

Christophe Lephilibert
Sep 12, 2023
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The ICNC23 conference, also known as the Intercharge Network Conference, brought together, for the 12th time, key players from the eMobility industry to delve into the most pressing topics that will shape the future of electric vehicle (EV) charging. This two-day event, held on August 29th, featured thought-provoking keynotes and insightful panel discussions, providing attendees with valuable insights into the eMobility landscape. Let's explore the highlights from this electrifying conference.

Main eMobility topics at the ICNC23

Here are a few of the hottest topics that were discussed:

Holistic Energy Ecosystem

Giovanni Palazzo, SVP of Volkswagen Group Charging & Energy and CEO of Elli, enlightened attendees about Elli's transformation into a holistic energy ecosystem. This holistic approach to energy solutions is a game-changer for the eMobility sector.

Seamless Customer Experience

Elias Pöyry from Virta shared insights into the future of EV charging payments and the need for a seamless customer experience. Convenience and simplicity are crucial in promoting EV adoption.

Panel Discussion

A panel of industry experts engaged in a lively discussion about direct payment and contract-based charging. The conversation revolved around competition, cooperation, and collaboration in this rapidly evolving landscape. 

European Infrastructure Scaling

Roberto Colicchio, Head of Business Development at Be Charge, provided key insights into the scaling of European EV infrastructure. This expansion is vital to support the growing number of EVs on the road.

Future Trends for Car Manufacturers

Volkswagen id7 at the ICNC23 in Berlin
Volkswagen id7 at the ICNC23 in Berlin

A panel discussion featuring representatives from Ford Europe, GM Europe, and NIO Power Europe explored the challenges and trends in the expanding EV market. As millions of EVs hit the road, manufacturers must adapt to changing customer expectations. Notably by collaborating with companies from the eco-system, like Electromaps and Wallbox, which can deliver both hardware and software solutions to meet their customers’ needs, be they professionals or end-consumers.

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Software solutions are the key to the future of EV charging

Charge Point Operators were the ones that had the most to benefit from this conference. A software expert shed some light on how he thought that they can remain competitive in a software-driven eMobility market. Software-driven solutions are central to the future of EV charging. This expert’s top 5 development vectors for chargers manufacturers included:

  • Plug&Charge for the most convenient charging experience.
  • V2X to stabilize the grid and make money. Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) is communication between a vehicle and any entity that may affect, or may be affected by, the vehicle. It is a vehicular communication system that incorporates other more specific types of communication as V2I (vehicle-to-infrastructure), V2N (vehicle-to-network) or V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle).
  • Stringer cybersecurity to give customers peace of mind. As they get connected, cars will be obviously, and unfortunately, the next target of hackers’ attacks
  • Advanced component-level diagnostics for monitoring charging health.
  • “Smart Charging” to save energy and money. Smart charging refers to a charging system where electric vehicles, charging stations and charging operators share data connections. Through smart charging, the charging stations may monitor, manage, and restrict the use of charging devices to optimize energy consumption. Comparing with uncontrolled charging, smart charging will flatten the electricity usage peak by shifting the peak due to vehicle charging away from the peak due to other consumption.
Electromaps’ CEO and Director of Marketing & Growth, Maximilien Kauffmann and Christophe-Lephilibert, at the Intercharge Network Conference in Berlin
Electromaps’ CEO and Director of Marketing & Growth, Maximilien Kauffmann and Christophe-Lephilibert, at the Intercharge Network Conference in Berlin

Electromaps’ CEO and Director of Marketing had the opportunity to meet with several key partners from the ecosystem - power dot, Atlante, Plenitude + Be Charge, Vinci, EDP to mention a few - to discuss how tighter collaboration could result in delivering an even better experience for the end-user as well as creating value for the professional customers.

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Will Commercial Vehicles leapfrog EV charging?

In the realm of commercial electric vehicles, the focus extends beyond the vehicles themselves. Annie Hudson from Volvo Energy highlighted the importance of developing a comprehensive ecosystem, including the essential infrastructure. Predictable routes simplify planning, but innovation in EV trucks remains a key consideration. Factors such as lighter designs, improved aerodynamics, and intelligent energy management play pivotal roles. To make electric trucks more accessible, reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) is essential, which demands mass production for affordability. Vinzenz Stauner, from MAN, Equally vital are the people behind the wheel. Listening to experienced drivers, continuous improvement, and ensuring a seamless charging experience, including payment, are paramount. The aim is to make the driving experience not only efficient but enjoyable, fostering communication, training, and the potential for experienced drivers to become ambassadors. Addressing range anxiety involves robust route planning, battery capacity buffers, and well-orchestrated charging facilities with reservation systems for a smooth user journey.

electric truck charging at the ICNC23


ICNC23 was a great platform where experts and thought leaders converged to explore the exciting future of eMobility. From innovative business models to seamless customer experiences and industry trends, the conference offered a comprehensive overview of the rapidly evolving EV charging landscape, a landscape which Electromaps & Wallbox are navigating thanks to their innovative solutions.

As eMobility continues to gain traction, conferences like ICNC23 play a crucial role in shaping the industry's path forward, ensuring that it remains adaptable and customer-centric in an ever-changing world.

Don’t miss the official aftermovie of the 11th edition of the Interharge Network Conference!

Christophe Lephilibert
Sep 12, 2023
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