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Allego charging stations are now directly connected to Electromaps

Electromaps has secured a new strategic collaboration that enhances the connection to Allego’s 25,000 charging stations in Europe.

María Rodríguez
Dec 28, 2022
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Following Electromaps' ambitious expansion plans in Europe, a collaboration agreement has been signed with Allego, the Dutch charging operator that offers fast and ultra-fast charging solutions across several main European markets.

Real-time information in all charging points

The goal of this partnership is to provide a reliable, easily accessible, and a hassle-free charging experience to electric vehicle users. So 24,827 Allego’s charging stations are now already directly connected to Electromaps, allowing users to not only know precisely the location of charging terminals but also check their status and availability in real time. In addition, electric vehicle drivers will be able to manage their charges through the app and charge with a single tap thanks to the Electropass RFID-enabled keytag.

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Allego and Electromaps: a strategic alliance

With this collaboration, Allego intends to expand its charging offer to cover the entire European territory with chargers from 22 kW to 300 kW. In fact, Allego has an international network of more than 33,000 operational charging points throughout Europe, and this alliance with Electromaps will allow it to better understand the Iberian market, which will help them to prepare future roll-out in this region.

Allego's charging stations are directly connected to Electromaps

Allego’s CEO, Mathieu Bonnet, announced: “We are very pleased to enter into this partnership with Electromaps, which will make charging stations easier for electric cars drivers. We will also be able to benefit from Electromaps' experience with our Spanish neighbours and in Portugal to continue the development of our solutions and thus make electric mobility accessible to all.”

In fact, Electromaps lists almost 300,000 charging points and is already active in 35 countries. Thanks to the information collected, Electromaps will be able to expand its knowledge about the development of charging stations in all the European countries where Allego operates. In addition, the company will have a detailed analysis of the most strategic places to install the stations through data exchange.

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Maximilien Kauffmann, Electromaps CEO, states: “We are delighted to be part of this partnership with one of the leading CPOs in Europe. This allows us to offer a wider and more reliable network to all of our users. Our mission is to deliver the most reliable and seamless charging experience possible, to bring a sense of freedom back to EV drivers across Europe.” 

Allego and Electromaps offer solutions to meet the needs of more and more electric vehicle users. In fact, electric cars’ sales in Europe showed growth in the third quarter of 2022 compared to the previous year; therefore, it is necessary to considerably develop the supply of charging points to connect the entire territory. Last October, there were about 377,000 charging stations along Europe, but this is approximately the half of the goal at this time required by the European Parliament, which stated that EV charging stations would need to be provided every 60 km on main motorways by 2026.

Other Electromaps alliances beneficial to EV drivers

This collaboration with the French company Allego is in addition to those that Electromaps has recently established with other leading charging operators in key European countries, such as Power Dot, EnBW, Total Energies, or FEDA Solucions for the interoperability of all points of charging on public roads in Andorra.

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María Rodríguez
Dec 28, 2022
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