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Can’t charge your EV at work? Get help from Electromaps and a €100 reward

65% of EV drivers claim that they cannot charge at work. Electromaps helps EV users make it happen and get rewarded for it with €100 to use on the webshop. Discover how.

María Rodríguez
Oct 25, 2023
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Are you one of the millions of EV users who today cannot charge at work? Would you like to contribute to the EV revolution by helping the spread of more charging stations? Then keep reading, because this article has been especially made for you.

At Electromaps we have asked our community members if they could charge at home and at their office. The results are quite shocking: 65% of our users declare that they cannot charge at work.

We want to change that. One company at a time. But we cannot do this alone. We need your support.

We are super happy to launch the Electromaps Ambassador Program. We help you make it happen in your company by providing you with unbeatable reasons to convince your colleagues who are the decision makers, and by rewarding you for your efforts with a nice voucher for our webshop.

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Electromaps helps you get charge points installed at work

Electromaps’ mission is to contribute to making EV charging accessible to everybody, anywhere. Therefore, convincing companies to install charge points on their parking lot is one of our priorities.

Estación de carga para vehículos eléctricos en McDonald's
EV charging station at McDonald's parking lot in Collado Villalba, Spain

Introducing the Electromaps Ambassador Program

By helping us get charging points installed at your workplace, you will first and foremost be able to enjoy this extra peace of mind of being able to charge while you are working.

On top of this, we will also reward you with a 100€ gift card to spend on our webshop, where you can get, for example, charging credits or charging cables.

This is how the Electromaps Ambassador Program works

  1. You have to be registered as an Electromaps user. Easy: if you are not yet, just download the app and explore all the possibilities our charging stations map can offer you.
  2. Promote our charging solutions to the right decision makers in your company (or a third party company or organisation). Use the arguments (cf. the list below) that you think are the most relevant in their eyes. Make sure you add the link to the page where they can read more about the solutions: and make sure to tell them to mention that you tipped them about this great opportunity
  3. Make sure that they sign up on this page:
  4. When this person, later on, will speak to our sales team, they should mention your name.
  5. Once the final contract has been approved, you, the ambassador, will receive an email from Electromaps with the confirmation and the 100€ gift card.
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Advantages of having EV chargers at work

Why should companies consider installing charge points on their parking lot?

Here are the top reasons that should help convince decision-makers:

1. Offer a valuable service to the employees: loyalty and retention

This is related to current workers and potential ones. Electric mobility is a fact, and it is a matter of time before a very high percentage of employees have an EV, due to the ban on selling combustion cars in Europe by 2035.

This EV charging service is one of the “benefits” that contribute to employee retention.

cargadores de vehículos eléctricos en el trabajo - solución de gestión de cargadores de Electromaps

2. Anticipation of the visitors or clients’ needs

Offering the possibility of charging their electric vehicles while spending their time at the company's facilities is a plus nowadays, but it would be the standard in not very long time.

3. Contribution to the company’s overall CO2 emission reduction

Organisations across all sectors are increasingly recognising that environmental strategies are the "right thing to do" as part of a broader ethical and ESG-oriented culture. Indeed, companies that take advantage of being first will enhance their image as trendy and, above all, committed to sustainability and climate change.

4. Attracting more visitors and clients: visibility

If your company is interested in bringing more people to their promises -whether it is a restaurant, a hotel, a shopping centre, a gym, or a supermarket-, having EV charging points will provide more visibility on plenty of EV charging apps and maps, like Electromaps, and thereby drive traffic.

mapa de cargadores de vehículos eléctricos de Electromaps: visibilidad para tu empresa

5. Incremental revenue

The company may decide to charge for the use of their charges. This will also generate some new revenue, which can help cover the costs of the installation. 

EVectrum, Electromap's charging points management platform, enables the company to set its conditions and rules for the use of the chargers: different tariffs for each type of user (employees, visitors, customers, any individual), or by time of day, etc. The company is in control.

6. Grants for installing charging stations

There are some countries where companies can still benefit from some grants and tax benefits to install charging points in their parking lots.

OK, now you know everything you need about our new Ambassador Program. We hope that it is clear enough and you feel motivated to try to claim your right to charge at work. Good luck and thanks for your support in helping us making EV charging easily accessible.

María Rodríguez
Oct 25, 2023
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