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About Electromaps

What is Electromaps?

Electromaps is an electric mobility services provider based in Barcelona. Since 2009 we have been helping EV drivers around the world find all available charging points, both free and paid, and we provide access and payment options directly from our mobile application or RFID key fob to thousands of them.

The aim of our mission, borderless charging, is to unify the entire charging infrastructure and improve the experience for users of electric vehicles.

Electromaps is a collaborative platform, so the individual input from drivers are of vital importance in keeping all information up to date.

The information on charging points we show comes mainly from:

  • input from electric vehicle drivers
  • input from charging point owners
  • roaming platform agreements
  • agreements with charging managers

In Electromaps we have also developed a SaaS solution for the management and payment for the charging service for private companies and public entities. By publishing your charging points in real-time on Electromaps, we can ensure maximum visibility. As a company committed to a sustainable future, we are involved in several national and international research programmes to improve electric mobility and increase the use of renewable energies.

Where does Electromaps operate?

Although it is based in Barcelona (Spain), Electromaps works everywhere in the European market and offers information on charging points worldwide.

Downloading the APP for Android

To download the application for your Android device, visit:

How do I add a new charging point?

Add the charging points that do not appear in Electromaps by selecting "Add new charging point" option at the bottom right corner of the APP or on the web page.

This will help the whole community of electric vehicle drivers. Electromaps is a collaborative APP and we are the leading platform thanks to all of you.

How to add comments or photos?

To provide more information about the status of the charging point, you can add comments about it, including photos:

  • Select the charging point on the Electromaps APP map.
  • Go to the charging point's details. Click on "More information".
  • Scroll to the right until you reach the comments and/or photos section.
  • Add the comment or photo.

Don't forget that you can also add comments and photos from the Electromaps web map.

How to edit a charging point?

You can only edit the information of the charging points NOT connected to Electromaps, that is, those that do not send real-time information related to their status.

To edit the information of a charging point: Once selected on the map, you access the details through the "More information" button, you will find a button with a pencil icon at the top that will take you to edit mode.

(Android version)
(iOS version)

How to share a charging point?

To share a charging point with another person/s once selected on the map, you have to access the details through the “More information” button and you will find the share button in the upper right corner (Android), or well in the lower right corner (iOS).

(Android version)
(iOS version)

Do you want to manage your charging point(s) with Electromaps?

If you have one or several charging points, or you are thinking of installing them, in Electromaps we offer the best solution for managing your charging points, whether public or private entity. You will have full control over them and users will be able to activate and access them with the APP and the Electromaps RFID Key Fob.

Just contact our sales team at and they will offer you the best solution.

General questions

What do the colours of the icons on the map mean?

If the charging points have a colour, it means that they are connected to Electromaps and will therefore send us information in real time. What each colour means:

  • Green: Charging point is operational and available.
  • Blue: Charging point is being used.
  • Red: Charging point not working and is not available.
  • Grey: Charging point with no information.

Points that are not connected to Electromaps do not transfer information to us in real time and are shown in grey.

Electromaps values what users say, and we wanted to take this into account in the representation of these charging points on the map.

Both the icons of the points with real-time information and those with no real-time information have the symbol (icon) of a face that shows the status of the point based on what the users say. This face can appear in the following colours:

  • Green: Charging point is operational and available.
  • Red: Charging point not working and is not available.
  • Orange: Some sockets do not work.

Let's look at an example:

What do the lightning bolts on the icons in the map mean?

The lightning bolts on the icons of the charging points signify the following:

  • 1 bolt: Slow charging point (between 3 and 7 kW aprox.)
  • 2 bolts: Semi-fast charging point (between 11 and 22 kW approx.)
  • 3 bolts: Fast charging point (approx. 50 kW)
  • 4 bolts: Ultra-fast charging point (between 100 and 200 kW approx.)
It is possible to filter the charging points on the map according to the power supplied.

These values will improve over time as the charging infrastructure is upgraded.

Is the information on charging points up to date?

We always try to provide you with the most up-to-date information. Many of the charging points we have send us information in real time. But with other charging points, it is the users themselves who are communicating the status of the charging point with their opinion, comments and reports on the status of the charging point.

We recommend you always check the information sheets on the charging points, read the comments, the directions for accessing the point, and look at the photos.

And if you visit a point do not forget to add comments and photos to evaluate the charging. This means the whole community will benefit from your input.

If any charging point is missing information or you experience a malfunction, you can add a comment or even make use of "Report status" function to let other users know about it

How can I filter the search for charging points?

On the top right hand side of the APP you have the filter menu and you can filter by:

  • You can only view charging points with real-time status information (connected to Electromaps).
  • You can only see charging points that can be activated with the APP.
  • You can only see charging points that can be activated with the RFID Key Fob.
  • Charging power.
  • Type of socket.
  • Type of location.
  • You can only see your favourite charging points
  • Show private charging points
Remember to use "REMOVE FILTERS" if you cannot find charging points on the map

I think there are fewer points on the APP map. What can I do?

If a red marker appears in the filter menu icon in the search bar, it means that you have filters active, and this may affect the map by not showing all charging points. In other words, you will see fewer points than are actually on the map.

To see all existing charging points again, deactivate them via the "REMOVE FILTERS" button in the filters section.

How can I find charging points near my location?

Open the Electromaps APP on your mobile phone and you will see all the points near your location. To do this you must have the APP's location permission activated.

At the bottom of the map you have a button that serves to rediscover your location


What charging points can I activate with Electromaps?

The easiest way to know which points can be activated with Electromaps is activating the filters so that the map only shows the connected points (in real-time), which can be activated with the APP or with the RFID Key Fob.

You can also check if the smartphone and RFID key fob icons appear on the point's details. If these two symbols appear, it means that this charging point can be activated with Electromaps APP or with the RFID Key Fob.

In the case of points where these icons do not appear and cannot be activated with Electromaps, take a look at the other information in the point's details. This will indicate how to access the point, which charging operator it belongs to, the person in charge, telephone number, etc...

How do I start charging?

At the points that can be activated with Electromaps a charging session can be activated in two ways: with the APP or with the RFID Key Fob. If you have never used Electromaps, follow these first steps:

It is important to have the GPS position activated on your mobile and the APP's location permission accepted.

Activate using the APP

  • An advertisement will appear for 5 seconds. When it finishes click on the "Activate" button.
  • Connect the cable.
  • To finish, end the charging session with the APP.
  • Remove the cable.
  • Automatically the cost of the charging session is subtracted from the promotional balance (if you have) or from your selected payment method, with a summary of the session in the "Charging History" section.

RFID Key Fob

  • Make sure you have your payment method introduced in the APP.
  • Bring your RFID Key Fob close to the charging point reader and wait for the charging point to authorise charging.
  • Connect the cable.
  • To finish, bring your RFID Key Fob close to the charging point reader and wait for the charging point to authorise completion.
  • Disconnect the cable.
  • Automatically the cost of the charging session is subtracted from the promotional balance (if you have) or from your selected payment method, with a summary of the session in the "Charging History" section.

How much does it cost to charge with Electromaps?

The charging price is set by the owner or CPO of the charging point and can be based on energy consumption (kWh consumed), time or other concepts such as simply connecting the cable.

At points that are accessible with Electromaps, the price is always indicated in the APP via the button on the connector: "VIEW PRICES".

Always make sure you have the necessary information before charging.

In the case of non-connected charging points, this information may be found in the information section of the charging point.

Is the supplier's APP I get a different price to the one in Electromaps, why is that?

The charging price is set by the owner or CPO of the charging point.

In the case of activatable and accessible points in Electromaps that are from another provider, the price may be slightly higher with us, as we add the surcharge added by that provider so that the point can be activated and is accessible through us

What happens if I leave my vehicle charging for several hours or days at the charging point?

The charging session will end when your vehicle's battery is fully charged.

But be very careful: some charging managers or charging points set the price by time, so the price can continue increasing even if your vehicle has finished charging and is still plugged in and parked at the charging point.

Always check the terms and conditions for pricing for the specific charging point.

We always recommend removing the vehicle at the end of your charging session and leaving the charging point free for another user. Think about the community!

In addition, some charging points have a sign that limits the time the point can be used. Otherwise, you risk being penalised by the authorities.

Can I report the status of the charging point?

Yes, you can report the status so that it is recorded and thus help keep the point information updated for the entire community. Click on the "Report Status" button that you will find in each connect

By reporting the status you automatically change the status color (face icon) until it is reconfirmed by us or another user.

Who do I contact if I have a problem charging?

You have a contact telephone number in the event of an emergency or another reason. This is located both at the charging point and in the information sheet for the charging point in the APP.

At the points we manage, our incident telephone number can be seen on the information sticker for the charging point, or on the information sheet in the APP.

If the charging point belongs to another operator, you will need to contact that operator or owner of that charging point.

If you have any questions you can contact us at We will try to answer you within 24 working hours.

Don't forget that you can use the "Report status" option from that point if you have problems during charging so that the community is aware of it immediately.

Why are there charging points that I can only access with the Key Fob and/or the App?

The owner of each charging point decides on the types of access available. In Electromaps we provide you with the accesses as indicated by the owners or as shared by the users with their input.

What charging cable do I need for my vehicle?

The fast-charging points (CCS and CHAdeMO sockets) have a built-in cable, while the semi-fast or slow charging points (Type 2 and Schuko sockets) do not. In this case, you will need to bring your cable with you. We have several cables for sale in our online shop.

An electric vehicle can be charged with direct current or alternating current, depending on the model and charging power. So, before choosing a charging point on our map, you should make sure that your vehicle is compatible with it.

To do this, you will need to check the type of socket available at the charging point. The charging power will always depend on the power delivered by the charging point and the power your vehicle is capable of receiving as alternating current or direct current. To find this out, contact the vehicle manufacturer or refer to the vehicle owner's manual.

Don't forget you can filter your search on the map by connector type and charging power.

How can I see my charging sessions?

If you want to know your charging history and your current charging session, you can access it through the APP in the "Charging History" option of the main menu at the bottom. You will find all the information about them there.


Where can I buy the RFID key fob?

You can buy the RFID Key Fob in our online store:

How the RFID Key Fob is sent?

Shipments to Spain, Portugal and Andorra are made by MRW and take between 24/48 working hours to arrive, except for the Canary Islands, Azores and Madeira, which usually take a few more days.

For shipments outside of Spain or Portugal, we have two options: normal shipment by ordinary mail, with a maximum estimated delivery of 3 weeks; or express courier, with delivery in 4-5 working days from when it leaves our warehouse.

How do I register the RFID Key Fob?

Once you have the RFID Key Fob in your possession you must enter the mobile APP to enable it by the activation code and the instructions that you will receive along with the Key Fob.

However, the steps to follow are very simple. The first thing you should do is enter into the option "My account", then click on "RFID Key Fob" and there "Activate Key Fob". In this last step, you will be asked to insert the code that we will provide you with the Key Fob. As simple as that.

Can I have two or more RFID Key Fobs?

Yes, you can have as many key fobs as you want. We only recommend that you have them well identified with their corresponding activation code and/or alias, in case you want to disable it at any time. Or simply at the time of using them, that you know which one you are using.

My RFID Key Fob is not working?

First make sure that you have activated your RFID Key Fob, and if it is activated correctly, make sure that the charging point accepts activation via the RFID Key.

Also, check that you have a payment method (credit/debit card) associated with your user account on the APP.

If the problem still persists, write to us at

What do I do if my RFID Key Fob has been lost or stolen?

Don't worry, you just have to go to the RFID Key Fob menu and select the disable option of the key fob you want to block.

If you had any promotional balance, it is not lost, since it is associated with your user account.

And if you need a new RFID Key Fob, you can purchase it at our online store.

Other features

Can I save my favourite charging points?

Yes, in the information sheet of each charging point you have the option to add that point as a favourite. You have to select the point, view its details via "More information" and then select the heart symbol you find at the top.

To see all your favourite points, just go to My account > Favourite charging points.

Can I reserve a charging point?

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to reserve charging points. 😢

Can I create a route?

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to create a route. 😢

Migration process

During 2022, the products and services related to the Electromaps APP will be renewed and migrated to provide an improvement in the performance and functionalities offered.

Those users who already use the APP before the date communicated by Electromaps, must proceed to update the application to its latest version in order to continue using it, following the instructions and terms provided. During the aforementioned process, the data will be properly managed to avoid, as far as possible, the absence/loss of information.

Here are the items for which migrated users should take manual action, if needed:

  1. Invoices prior to the time of migration:
  2. Send us an email to, with the title “Request for migration invoices”, indicating in the body of the email, the invoices you want us to send you that are previous to the migration period.
  3. Balance contained in the virtual wallet:
  4. You can withdraw the money deposited in the application before the migration period during the legally established period as established in the terms and conditions. Send us an email to, with the title “Request of wallet refund”, indicating in the body of the email, the amount to be withdrawn and the username.

Do you have a question about our application? Contact us at the following address: