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Electromaps 2022 milestones: driving electric mobility

2,770 Tons of CO2 saved in twelve months, doubled the number of our registered users and the charging points connected to Electromaps. And much more!

María Rodríguez
Jan 17, 2023
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2022 was simply great for Electromaps and we all, Electromaps team, are very proud to be sharing our milestones with you.

After such a successful 2022 we are really optimistic about Electromaps 2023. But what happened during the course of those 365 days to make this possible…

Electromaps community members multiplied by two

Electromaps users community in 2022

Electromaps community doubled the number of Monthly Active Users in 2022! 

These users have contributed to the community by putting 4,488 charging stations on the Electromaps charging points map, provided crucial information to update the data of 3,831 points, shared 25,223 comments, and uploaded 6,866 pictures.

Electromaps 2022 - charging sessions - kWh delivered - CO2 tones saved

These EV drivers have completed 228,699 charging sessions with over 3,323,750 kWh delivered through Electromaps. We have helped EV users drive 232,378 kilometres which represents a CO2 savings of 2,770 tons (vs combustion engine cars).

Electromaps app new features

The month of June marked a pivotal moment in the history of Electromaps, when we launched our new app, ready for all the upcoming changes and improvements. So what has changed in the last few months?

New feature: your charging point is available

Have you heard about our new super useful push-notification that warns users when a charger is available? It’s easy to use: just select the occupied charging point you are interested in, and activate a notification; you will receive a message when it becomes available.

Electromaps notifies you when an occupied charging point becomes availble

New icons to show more information about each charging station

Community feedback is displayed together with the information about charging stations on the map with an associated symbol to help Electromaps users choose the best possible charging option for their needs.

Electromaps map with EV charging stations - new icons

New logo and corporate image for a new era at Electromaps

June was the month of a huge change: our logo and brand image evolved to a new stage, as a part of the Wallbox Group, to show the common objective to offer the best charging solutions and most reliable charging experience in both public and private locations.

Launch of a new website and webshop for EV lovers

Electromaps new website was released at the beginning of last Summer, following the new branding guidelines. And the new online shop was first launched in mid November, since then Electromaps has offered the best and affordable charging accessories for any EV driver.

go to Electromaps online shop

New CPO agreements that offer great benefits to our users 

In 2022 Electromaps has signed agreements with some of the biggest CPOs in Europe, to expand our presence all over the continent. EnBW, Iberdrola, Total Energies, Allego, Power Dot and FEDA are now close partners that help us to achieve our vision to offer the best charging solution in Europe.

Also, all these chargers are connected to Electromaps and the information displayed about them is more trustful.

These alliances have helped us double the number of chargers connected to Electromaps, which allows users to activate their charges through the app or the Electropass, as well as offering real-time information on the status and availability of those charging points.

buy Electromaps keytag to easily activate your EV charges

Electromaps wins the 2022 AUVE award to the “best sustainable mobility app”

Last September, at the Electric Vehicle Fair in Madrid, we celebrated being named the winner of the 2022 edition of AUVE awards (Spanish Association of Electric Vehicle Users) in the category of the best sustainable mobility app. This award recognised the hard work and commitment our team has made since Electromaps beginning in 2009.

Electromaps wins the 2022 AUVE award to the best sustainable mobility app

Europe: users and businesses trust Electromaps

In the second quarter of the year, we began to expand our efforts to reach more users and customers in some other European markets. The increase of registered users and companies that trust us to install and manage their charging points, has resulted in the consolidation of Electromaps position as MSP leader in Southern Europe.

Our management software was chosen by more than 550 businesses

We have more than 550 happy B2B clients in different countries, who trust our charge points management software. This trust and traction gave us the opportunity to continue to develop this part of our business, and take it to the next level…

EVectrum new software to manage charging points - Electromaps
request further information at Electromaps

Electromaps team, our #1 asset 

All of this would have not been possible without the hard work and commitment of an amazing team. In 2022 the team grew by no less than 80% and all our employees are a perfect mix of professional profiles & backgrounds, including UI design, QA engineering, back-end development, roaming & business development… And much more! 

An outstanding international team with great people from Spain, Latvia, Kazakhstan, France, Denmark, and Armenia.

Can we make it even better in 2023? It’s not going to be easy, but we love a challenge and we do know that we, together, can “Go Anywhere”.

María Rodríguez
Jan 17, 2023
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