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Electromaps partners with Monta for the best charging experience in Denmark

Over 2,000 charging points from Monta’s network in Denmark and other Northern European countries are now directly available from Electromaps, offering best charging prices to users.

María Rodríguez
May 24, 2023
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Electromaps has signed a partnership agreement with Monta, one of the leading providers of electric mobility services in Denmark. Thanks to this deal, Electromaps users can benefit from cheaper tariffs at the charging points that Monta manages. Also, all the Electromaps features -like real-time information about a charging point, or notifications about its availability, or even the activation of the charging session through the app or the RFID token or card- are now directly set for all the charging points run by Monta.  

The Danish company is already a reference in the electric mobility sector in Northern Europe, with a network of over 1,300 charging points run in Denmark, and over 2,200 in total in other European markets, such as Sweden, the UK, Ireland, Germany and France. Monta is hardware-agnostic and works with over 300 different chargers. Some of them are “powered by Monta”-preloaded with Monta software on it. The company includes over 330,000 chargers in Europe on their roaming network, and they want to drive the EV ecosystem forward and help the industry even better.

At Electromaps we aim to simplify the process of EV charging by offering a map with the largest network of charging stations, the most accurate information about connectors and charging points, and the best overall EV charging experience, including easy and contactless charging activations and secure payments.

Christophe Lephilibert, Director of Marketing & Growth at Electromaps, expresses the feeling of the Electromaps team regarding this agreement: “We're thrilled to partner up with Monta, one of the leading players in the EV ecosystem. By giving us direct access through OCPI to the chargers that they manage in the Nordics, Germany, UK, and France, we can offer our users an even better charging experience: real-time information on the charge points' availability as well as more attractive prices. This cuts out “middle-men” in the charging experience."

Martin Majlund, VP Roaming at Monta states: "Partnering up with Electromaps gets us one step closer to a seamless user experience with full price transparency when charging on the road. With our strong Scandinavian base, our EV drivers can now charge with confidence going south on summer holidays!"

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A further step in the expansion of Electromaps in Europe

We actively started expanding Electromaps network around Europe about a year ago. As a part of our strategy, we signed deals with major operators, like Monta, Allego, TotalEnergies or Power Dot. This agreement with Monta, helps us to consolidate the Electromaps presence in Northern Europe and encourages us to keep working to offer the best EV public charging solution to our currently over 500,000 Electromaps registered users in more than 410,000 charging points.

get the Electropass for a contactless EV charging - Electromaps
María Rodríguez
May 24, 2023
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