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Electromaps crosses the 500,000 registered users mark

The last 12 months have been showing almost exponential growth of our user base, with now more than half a million registered users in the app, vs “only” 200,000 users back in April 2022. What a ride!

María Rodríguez
May 3, 2023
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The drive towards electric mobility is unstoppable and the growth of our user base is clearly  a reflection of this drive, Electromaps now boasts more than 500,000 registered users. 

In Europe, registrations of zero-emission vehicles and the charging infrastructure network are growing, supported by ambitious legislations by the European Union, to guarantee a supply in line with the current and forecasted electric vehicle fleet for the coming years.

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Electromaps' international expansion: growth of number of users and charging sessions

The last year has been key for Electromaps, strengthening our presence in major European markets such as France, Belgium, Germany and Italy, and striking strategic deals with  charging point operators like Total Energies or Allego, to offer a more complete and attractive public charging service to electric vehicle users across the European continent. A single app to find and activate charging points.

Earlier this year we reviewed 2022, a year full of challenges, and we can see now how 2023 is proving to be even more promising. A few weeks ago, we reached half a million registered users, multiplying this figure by no less than 2.5 compared to April 2022, when we proudly announced that we had reached 200,000 users.

Electromaps reaches 500,000 registered users

Electromaps users, committed to electric mobility

We are really proud of our very active users, contributing with charging station reviews, photos and adding charging points to our map. This information enriches Electromaps and it is highly valued by the entire user community.

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Electromaps has already delivered more than 7 million kWh

In the last 365 days, we have delivered 3 GWh, exceeding 7 GWh in total energy delivered through our app since its inception. Our easy-to-use Electromaps app or our token and Electropass card, are helping us to reach these milestones.

Electromaps has delivered 7.232.324 kWh

But we will not rest: we keep working on the development of new features of the app, and new deals with major Charge Point Operators (more announcements coming soon!) that will make electric vehicle public charging even easier for the fast-growing EV driver community.

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Thank you very much for counting on us for all your electric journeys!

María Rodríguez
May 3, 2023
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