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Electromaps exceeds 750,000 registered users

In ten months, the Electromaps app has almost doubled its registered users by the end of 2022. This exponential growth shows the progress of electric mobility in Europe.

María Rodríguez
Nov 2, 2023
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The exponential growth of Electromaps is a fact. We closed 2022 with 391,529 registered users in the app, and ten months later, at the end of October, we counted 767,605, a 96.1% increase!

Last April we celebrated the milestone of reaching half a million users and we continue to make progress thanks to the trust of our community of users who find Electromaps a useful and reliable tool to find public charging points and charge their electric vehicles.

Electromaps has a very active community of users who share their charging experiences through comments, ratings and photos of charging points, and by adding chargers to the map.

EV drivers from different European countries choose Electromaps

over 750,000 registered users - Electromaps, October 2023

The growth of Electromaps users is different in each country and is in line with the company's penetration strategy in each European market. 

Let's take a look, one by one, at the countries with the highest growth in Electromaps users over the course of 2023.

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Electromaps users in Italy increase by 707.7%

Electromaps has signed strategic agreements in Italy this year with leading charging point operators (CPOs) such as Plenitude+Be Charge and Powy. The result is worth celebrating as it represents a 707.7% growth in our Italian user community.

335.3% growth in German Electromaps users 

Germany continues to move towards electric mobility, as reflected by zero-emission registrations in the third quarter, accounting for 22.5% of all passenger cars. Some key agreements in the country, such as with EnBW, have been very positively valued by EV drivers, who choose Electromaps to find public charging stations and charge their electric cars’ batteries, with 335.3% more users registered in the app.

The number of Belgian users is up by 243.1% on Electromaps

Finding public charging points on the Electromaps app is becoming increasingly common among electric car drivers in Belgium, as evidenced by a 243.1% increase in the number of Belgian users. CPOs, such as TotalEnergies -Electromaps partner-, are facilitating electric mobility in Central Europe.

181.4% more Electromaps users in the Netherlands

Electric car registrations are on the rise in the Netherlands, with BEV accounting for 45% of the market in August and and plug-in electric cars (electric and hybrid electric) accounting for 73%. So we are not surprised by the 181.4% growth in the number of Dutch users of the Electromaps app.

French Electromaps users double in 2023

France is one of the company's key markets and business strategies are already being implemented to increase the presence of Electromaps in the country from 2022. Partnerships with Allego or Electra, as well as the other CPOs mentioned above that also operate in France, help electric vehicle users to find charging points via the Electromaps map and charge their vehicles using the app or RFID token or card. So far this year, the number of French users registered on the app has increased by 118.2%.

Spanish Electromaps users increase by 48.1%

In Spain, where Electromaps was born in 2009, the number of registered users of the charging point app increased by 48.1% in the first ten months of 2023.

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Electromaps has delivered nearly 10 million kWh

In the fourteen years of Electromaps, we have delivered almost 10 GWh. There are more and more charging points on our network, many with real-time information and the ability to start charging directly from the app or Electropass token or card.

Electromaps has delivered nearly 10 GWh for charging electric vehicles - October 2023

At Electromaps, we continue to work on the development of new functionalities for the app to make electric vehicle charging even easier, and on our b2b solutions, such as our EV fleet and chargers management software, EVectrum

Thank you for using Electromaps!

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María Rodríguez
Nov 2, 2023
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